Holy Balony Batman!

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Batman with his sidekick Robin. Painting by Al...

Huh… my muse ran dry today and I could not come up with a good script for part 2 of my guacamoly EA. Have to get straight to the point on this one…

I was just so amazed at what I found that I just could not think of a script to write… 😛

Anyway… first time was fun… second time was kind of hard work so not fun anymore. But… you guys don’t want to read about all this blah blah by Batman and Robin…

You guys/gals want to know what EA I am going to expose right here… right now. Correct?!

Ok… even if I am wrong… I am going to start with Robin’s gay story which never kicked off from the previous ‘episode’

About two weeks ago, I got this email from a site, very similar to mine. When I say similar I don’t mean in terms of contents but in terms of domain name.

My Domain name is BestForexEA.com where else, his/her domain name is BestEAForex.com (should I give him/her a link here?)

Well, this guy/gal… I would probably guess that it is a guy coz 99% of the time only guys will think of something like that… (If I am wrong, I guess you can sue me for gender discrimination… )

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Silly Scalping Part 2

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Well, last week was pretty tiring. Had to travel to beautiful Beijing on a business trip. Weather was cold but manageable. This was my first trip to Beijing, and I am just amaze by the sheer number of Chinese people per sq foot… :)

Apart for my business work, I manage to squeeze some time to walk about Beijing, take the subway, visit Tienanmen Square and of course taking a quick visit to the Olympic Bird Nest.

Amazing huh….

Ok… this blog is not a social blog, but hey a bit of social blogging should not hurt right… right… One photo of the Bird Nest does not exactly qualify this to be a social blog.

Anyway, during my trip to Beijing, I did not manage to get any forex activity done (directly that is), because internet control in China is pretty tight. Even facebook and twitter was ban in China. I did not know why until I google it and found these sites.

Here are some interesting read:

This is not something new, but laymen like me are so caught up with my own personal escapade that we turn out of be as ignorant as hell to what is happening in our big world. Read the rest of this entry »

Silly Scalping Shocker

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I recently started a project… Project Silly Scalping.

This project started when I was nostalgically retesting both FAPTurb0 and DragonPips, but with a different twist.

Instead of following their recommendation, I only focus their scalping strategy on only one currency pair, which was EURCHF. Why only one currency pair?

Well firstly it was because the backtesting result for these scalping EA does well with EURCHF… Don’t know if it’s the pair characteristic or the EA, but somehow that particular currency pair does well for all scalpers…

Secondly, it was easier to manage. Previously I followed their manual, and open up a lot of charts and MT4 just to accommodate the results. It was a killer… I kinda killed myself trying to manage and at times tweak the settings here and there… if I did it for one I had to do it for the rest in order to see consistency.

It was kind of stupid… but hey… it’s meant to be a lesson to me. And a lesson I have learned. So two simple reason, even if I do backtest and try to optimize the settings. I won’t go crazy…

Anyway… coming back to my story…

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The Caspian Sea (Update)

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Thanks Daniel for the link…. Now I remember where I had seen that EA before… I did not manage to open it up because it was hidden nicely in my PipTurbo folder…

Anyway… took sometime to visit the site again…Yeah… his site is pretty interesting… On top of that he is giving out his EA for free… how cool is that… http://volatily-scalp.blogspot.com/

Hmmm… I wonder why I did not pursue his EA further the first time round… I smell a tiny project to do… :)

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