The Royal Affair

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While I was cleaning and organizing my accounts… I finally got the time to really take a look at where I left off with Prime vs Kain and my Royal Rumble affair. It’s a bit difficult to see it on my previous live account since I dump all of the EA into one single account.

Nevertheless… the one very important tool which I will start and continue to use it very frequently is my Trade Analyzer by Easy-EA.

Furthermore, my royal rumble does not seem to be rumbling well… Argh… either these EA are pieces of $hit… or it is having one of those days… or the broker is just plain manure…

Screenshot from Royal Rumble

Ugly huh… Anyway, that is not what I wanted to analyze here.

On my first post on Prime vs Kain… I mention that Prime was firing up a few more shots than Kain. By the way… EAKain that I was using was their demo version, which was a copy of MegaDroid in which I renamed it ScalperPro. So after two months… let’s see how both of these two EA fair… Read the rest of this entry »

Royal Rumble

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Initially I wanted to entitle this post as “My Karmic Affair Part 4285” but thought seeing how things have changed over the past weeks I decided to rename the title of this post as “Royal Rumble”

Before I continue with my story… Take a look at this myfxbook chart.

Once upon a time in December 2009, I started to notice FAPTurbo again on my favorite lead site The gains seems to be mighty interesting like to rose blossoming in the sun. Obviously I had assume that Zeno has been running this EA for since the rave days of FAPTurbo. So I thought it would be interesting again to rekindle my karmic bond with FAPTurbo.

So once again, the story continues with my fapping affair…. Read the rest of this entry »

Prime vs Kain

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Here is a quick post…

After I wrote about Primeval, I set this sucker live on one of my old account with was sitting somewhere in space. Due to funding my broker was the reason why I need to put both these EA on one accout.

Anyway… I had to use Trade Analyzer to split by EA and by currency pair. Here is a quick snapshot

EAKain (Demo version or clone to MD)



Primeval seems to have fired up a few shots as compared to Kain…

It’s still early to tell… since the data was from 24 Feb 2010.

Mystical vs Awesome

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After posting Awesome Analyzer, I got an email from a visitor who gave me an another alternative to Trade Analyzer EA… which is free.

This is a free script by Patrick S. Nouvion, I must say this is a pretty cool site… Neat and simple.

This guy really put a lot of effort in producing the videos and detailing from A to Z about his tools. I would give him the thumbs up…

Anyway, I downloaded his trade analyzer and just to check out what it is all about. And it produce a very neat report… Read the rest of this entry »

Awesome Analyzer!

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Wow… if there is a useful EA that one needs to have, then you got to have this man…

Call me ignorant… but I have not scout around the forum long enough to really look for an EA such as this.

Ok… it’s not an EA per say but it’s more like a tool.  After I publish my previous article “Rem”ing the Brake on Xtreme Turbo, Jeremy for (Winalot and EAzeGor) read it and though it would be great for me to have his Trade Analyzer.

You wouldn’t believe how grateful I was… This really neat piece of tool which actually help me to filter my trades as per my post below in a more comprehensive manner….

Check this out!! Read the rest of this entry »