My Thoughts on Forex EA

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 24-05-2009

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For the past few days my brain wave was going on overdrive. My thoughts was going on and on about my approach on automatic trading. So much so that I eat thinking about forex, I bathe thinking about forex, I sleep thinking about forex. Hell! Even my wet dreams was about forex!

Every moment I was trying to get my thoughts together and trying to understand all these talk about principle, manual trading, automatic trading, what is possible and what is not, are they the same, should it be treated the same, what needs to be done, what approach should i take and most of it all….. will I be able to be successful in the forex market with with forex robot trading or automatic trading.

While I still haven’t got the gist of it… I will take my thoughts one step at a time.

Firstly, what is forex ea to me? Why should I use forex EA and not manually trade?

I mentioned before it is time. Forex EA will allow me time. Secondly I absolutely got no patient to sit in front of the monitor all day to scan for opportunity. Juggling 24 hours between work, family and friends, means one thing has to be sacrificed in order to fit forex manual trading into my life.

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