Who’s the Boss on FAP Expert?

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Update: 14 February 2011
Stopped all three demo



Broker: Alpari
Deposit: $2000
EA: EABoss, FAPTurbo, RemExpert

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Reverse Scalping

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Arghh… it has been a difficult week. Volatility in the market is really messing my robots up. I do not think it is only Cyborg, NN Master, Boomerang, Blaster…. any EA that trades EURUSD would probably have gotten canned as well…   $hit! This is taking me back 2 months from my objective.

I thought I made some stride last month… Sighh….. Slapped silly by the market…

Anyway… sorry for ranting. I just had too… This is really killing me to no end. But that is not the reason for this posts.

Last night as I was browsing through the forums just to see what was happening. I stumble upon this thread with regards to the topic ‘Why do Traders Lose?

I was losing badly in the markets and I wanted to find out if I was doing anything wrong… I was seeking solace, and started reading this thread with interests. Here is what I wanted to highlight….

“Let your profits run and cut your losses short”

“The first loss is always the smallest”

“Plan your trade and trade your plan”

“Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered”

“The trend is your friend”

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“Rem”ing The Brake On Xtreme Turbo

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Since Alpari was my worst performances for three consecutive months. Corrective action needs to be taken… Now before I ran my band of Euro brothers, and Easy-EA.com’s EA… I had three main scalping EA on this account. Mainly, FAPTurbo, RemExpert and Xtreme (both EURGBP and EURCHF)

Because these are scalping EAs… there have taken quite a lot of trades amongst themselves and thus, it was kinda difficult to see how well they performed. So with no other option… I had get down on my knees and start to disect my statement and analyze throughly what and how these three EA are doing.

So… what I did was I downloaded my statement from beginning of April 09 till end of June 09 since it was these period that I took a $hit load of losses. It was not easy…. but after painstaking toying around with my spreadsheet and I manage to get this out…

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Perfomances As Of End June 09

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It’s the time of the month again where I review my month end performances. But this time round I think I need to really look into this much more deeper. As June closes, it means half of the year has gone. So how did I fair? After numerous thoughts, and action change and philosophical ideals, did my performances changed?

Let’s have a look…


Last month I came out slightly better… and it seems that I am slowly moving out of the rut from a month end total lost of $417 in April to -$65 in May and profit of $20.90 in June 09. Just to note… I have to deduct $100 because I added another $100 into my FXDD account to start trading Forex Barometer.

Overall my last half month was a failure. I have taken myself back $225 from my objective to recoup my initial capital. I am really hoping to break even by the end of this year, which is my target and goal for 2009.

And once that is done, my target is to recoup my initial investments on buying all these forex EA by mid 2010. Subsequently start profiting after mid 2010.

Bold? I don’t know… but at least it’s a goal.

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FAPTurbo vs REMExpert Part 2

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Ok… enough of blah blah… and getting back to work.

Previously I wrote a post FAPTurbo vs REMExpert and I compared how both these performed in comparison with each other. I also did mentioned that I would want to continue the testing for a few more weeks.

As of today… I think this will be the end of this comparison. I need to free up more resources to test new EA.

Previously my conclusion was ‘REMExpert manage to pull in 253.4 pips with 36 trades taken while FAPTurbo manage to pull in 156.3pips with 27 trades taken.’ between 16 April 2009 to 29 April 2009.

So now the testing continues from 4 May 2009 to 15 May 2009, ok ten days of trade. But results seem to have been tipped.  In that period, FAPTurbo manage to pull in 208.7pips with 40 trades and REMExpert pull in 130.1 pips with 30 trade.

So in total from (16 April 2009 – 29 April 2009; 4 May 2009 – 15 May 2009)

FAPTurbo got 365.0 pips over 67 trades
REMExpert got  383.5 pips over 66 trades

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When You Thought…

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When I started out this blog, I wrote that Forex EA would be a breeding ground for scammers. And I think I hit the nail with it. But on the other hand anything that has to do with internet is a breeding round for scammers… All you need to do is find the opportunity and exploit it to the max!

When you are good people will copy you… when I say copy I mean literally.

As time goes by, I seem to believe more and more that FAPTurbo is in it’s pure sense original. Why? Is it because it is popular or is it because FAPTurbo is indeed a profitable product.

If it was, then people would sure copy it. If it is not then… screw it. Let’s move on to the next EA.

What’s my point? Well… my point is, FAPTurbo is profitable. We just need to use it properly. It is profitable because people are actually coping it.

After stumbling upon REMExpert. I stumble upon this site. Ok.. I did not actually stumble upon this site. A visitor as usual ask me to decompile an EA. So I decompile it, saw the link and voila….

This is what I found….

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Going VPS…

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Previously I decided against subscribing to VPS because I calculated that my profits were not enough to cover the monthly cost. That was the justification I gave. But now after doing more analysis on all my MT4 platform. I decided that it is time to go VPS.

Here is one of the reason why

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It’s a Kind of Magic

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As usual… here is another bullshit piece.

The Forex Magic Machine (http://theforexmagicmachine.com). I written previously about this… actually nope… I wrote other articles produce by what I believe to be the same people who brough you EA like Forex Fantasy, Forex Maestro, Semi Automatic… and now… another exotic EA came courtesy of

I previously wanted to do a write up when again all the Stupid Old EA seller started blasting my inbox with this new up and coming EA. Because I had my hand full with my own problems, I decided not to give it a whack at it…

But now since it’s release a few days ago… I was not surprise when someone forward to me this forum thread…


And another very kind visitor forward to me his copy of Magic Machine. And with his blessing he said I could share it with you all.

Anyway… that’s not my point…. My point is to dig deeper. I said before I ‘believe’ this to be a work of the same guy…
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Performance as of End April 09

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I really hesitated doing this performance review of my last months trading activity. Embarrassing… but it has to be done. The only way for me to move forward. With my game plan drafted. Now I need to start managing my robots properly.

Ha… it’s nice being the boss. I can kick and screw the EA if they are not performing for me :)

But I think I will treat these robot trading like soldiers. Beef them up during demo testing and then send them to war on my live account.

Ok… enough day dreaming. It’s time to count the casualties.

As of End March 08 this is my standing…

So sad… Took out my last two months profit Ouch!! 413.07

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Going Straight

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I had a nice chat recently with a fellow friend of mine and we touch on being ethical and morally right about the internet. Gee… it’s the internet. How do you draw the line of what is ethical and morally right?

I told him about my site and about the new membership page which I just set up and how I was in a dilemma.

And it was no coincidence that a few visitors on my site who had shared with me their EA spoke about my member access page that some of the EA should not be shared.

So how do I go about it?

I mean sharing is the KEYWORD these days on the internet. Piracy or copywrite material is blurred out when it comes to the internet.

Take REMExpert for example, I had clearly proven that it is a ripoff of FAPTurbo. And mind you FAPTurbo is not as straight as one would think. EA wise it works, I have shown how FAPTurbo profit for me. I have shown how REMExpert seems to be an improvement.

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