Have You Ever Wondered?

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Have you ever wondered about most of this BS scam that has been going around since early this year? Yes… I wondered about it most of the time. With the new EA that came out… theforexwonder.com. It makes me wonder even more.

It has the same smell as a piece of $hit that has just been sitting there.

But this post is not ALL about this new EA. You might say this post is old news but so far it has not been compile in a more clearer way. So now I am going to compile one very big shabang on these fu(kers… It is so sad that it originates from somewhere close to home.

Here are the the posts when I first started discovering this bullshit…

While I have to admit, someone has already raise a red flag or pointed me to the information on my blog but I did not really put focus on this issue until I got another email from Zeno of 4xproject.com about this new EA… theforexwonder.com

I think it is about time to relive this BS and smoke it to kingdom come.

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When You Thought…

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When I started out this blog, I wrote that Forex EA would be a breeding ground for scammers. And I think I hit the nail with it. But on the other hand anything that has to do with internet is a breeding round for scammers… All you need to do is find the opportunity and exploit it to the max!

When you are good people will copy you… when I say copy I mean literally.

As time goes by, I seem to believe more and more that FAPTurbo is in it’s pure sense original. Why? Is it because it is popular or is it because FAPTurbo is indeed a profitable product.

If it was, then people would sure copy it. If it is not then… screw it. Let’s move on to the next EA.

What’s my point? Well… my point is, FAPTurbo is profitable. We just need to use it properly. It is profitable because people are actually coping it.

After stumbling upon REMExpert. I stumble upon this site. Ok.. I did not actually stumble upon this site. A visitor as usual ask me to decompile an EA. So I decompile it, saw the link and voila….

This is what I found….

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Going Straight

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I had a nice chat recently with a fellow friend of mine and we touch on being ethical and morally right about the internet. Gee… it’s the internet. How do you draw the line of what is ethical and morally right?

I told him about my site and about the new membership page which I just set up and how I was in a dilemma.

And it was no coincidence that a few visitors on my site who had shared with me their EA spoke about my member access page that some of the EA should not be shared.

So how do I go about it?

I mean sharing is the KEYWORD these days on the internet. Piracy or copywrite material is blurred out when it comes to the internet.

Take REMExpert for example, I had clearly proven that it is a ripoff of FAPTurbo. And mind you FAPTurbo is not as straight as one would think. EA wise it works, I have shown how FAPTurbo profit for me. I have shown how REMExpert seems to be an improvement.

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This Is Not My Work…

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John… are you there?? Just so you know… this is not my work… Someone pointed this out to me this morning…

Yes, someone has uploaded the files… I downloaded it and verified that it is my files. How I know? Because in the source code, I inserted a comment on how I cracked the License mode.

Hmmm… I wonder why this person did not upload ver37?? Oh… the ver37.exe file is not mine so becareful… it’s an exe file so it might be contaminated… Becareful what you donwload from the internet…

He Came Back…

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Well… it was nice of John to come back to my site to check up on me. He also wanted me to delete this post. Finally Decompiled

I re-read the post again and I was thinking… how the hell can this post be construed as piracy?!

  1. What I did was gave YOU indirect advertisement.
  2. Reconfirm how incapable MT4 as a platform at protecting intellectual property when it comes to EA.
  3. Showed to everyone how easy was it that I cracked your code.

Cracking codes is like taking a toy apart to see what is inside. How the hell is that piracy?!

Unless you can tell me how and in what way my post has infringe on piracy law that post is staying up.

Do yourself a favor… ASK your employer to get fapturbo more secure. Do what EA Shark does. While their source code is in the open… The EA can’t just simple can’t work. I have tried to crack it and find the crack but it still can’t be found.

Wait… do you want to have a look at how EA Shark do it so well?? EA Shark has already came out with Ultimate Build 5 and people just recently got their hands on Build 4. So you want to have a look at their codes? You want me to give you the link?

No I don’t think so… Ask your employer not to use such old ways of key activation… Since Roulette Killer. Since Forex Killer… Since FAP…. With the money that your employer has made, don’t tell me he does not want to spend money to develop a better EA…But I think he is developing another site or so I heard from another someone who just posted a comment on my site…

I don’t have bloody programming background and I still can crack your code. What does that say??

Eh brother…. if you really want to stop piracy start with your comrade… This is where I browse for interesting EA….


From the way you write your email. I don’t think you are too concern how you represent your EMPLOYER… That is if you are really the Anti Piracy Manager for FAPTurbo.

Here is an interesting article which might help you and your employer… Piracy and Unconventional Wisdom