MT4Stat Wars

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 10-12-2009

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I currently use MT4 Stats to publish my live account on my live page… And recently I have been gravitated towards changing my MT4 publisher.

There are three MT4 publisher that I know of and today I want to write about them. Let me start of with my first….

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MT4Stats having Problems?

Filed Under (Journal, Performance) by Casey on 25-03-2009


I really like the idea of MT4Stats, but lately the ftp does not seem to want to except my uploads from my broker. All of my broker…

It was pretty cool because it really saves me time to download my statement to my hard drive, then upload it to my site and then link it to each posts everytime I want to show/share my results…

I’m still thinking of how to share with you my result more frequently without having to take too much of my time…

Any ideas??

If not, I will need to do it like DuyDuy… and only post image graph of my performances. You won’t be able to see the detail statement as frequent though…

Have to update my performances page too. Anyway, I will do that cum the end of this month when I share with you my month end results..