No Trading During NEWS HourM

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 20-07-2009

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I have been thinking about news trading for quite sometime now…While this rule is not something new in the forex trading realm, I believe it should also be adhere too by robot or automatic traders.

On my previous posts on Slap Me Silly Please… John123x mentioned not to trade during high impact news. This is not exactly new advice, but neither was it an old advice.

I have been thinking about not trading the news for quite sometime now before my bit(h slapping by Cyborg.

My thoughts on this only after after the day I got whacked on S26 with volatility… The EA developer told me not to trade the EA during CHF news hour especially when SNB release this news…


As you can see, this particular spike up and down on the 18 June 2009 was when SNB release their news


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