I Need A Game Plan

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April have been a horrible month! This week of trading coming up to 1st May did not really helped me at all.

In fact, I did what every human would do when they are down this week. They try to fix things when it may not be broken. I was tweaking my settings on my LIVE ACCOUNT.

Gawd dang! This was another cardinal rule of trading that I broke. Auto trading or manual trading this cardinal rule holds true. Do not mess with the strategy half way through. In auto trading terms do not mess with the settings halfway through when your expert advisor is still on…

Sighh… automatic trading is not as easy as it sounds.

Today is Labour Day. So I took a rest, and close down my PC. Reflect on what happened this month in April.

It was terrible, I like many other was not only licking my wounds on a very bad trading month, but I was also looking for a way to recoup my losses. BAD MISTAKE. Experiences traders would say… ‘Turn off your chart and go chill out and don’t mess around with your strategy yet’

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Performance as of End March 08

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Phew… really got it out of my chest…

Back to the how I am doing so far as of End March 09

As of End March 08 this is my standing…

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What I Have…

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UPDATE : Edited for clarity purpose… Since the post ‘Finally Decompiled’ was forced to be taken down. This would be in references to ‘Finally Decompiled Revision 1’ (Which at the time of this update is till being edited also for clarity purpose

I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to share this finding on my previous post ‘Finally Decompiled ‘ but I guess I should explain this first.

I did mentioned that when I decompiled FAPTurbo 36 and 37. I found that the two ingredient to make FAPTurbo work. One needs both the LICENSE copy and the ID KEY in order for this EA to work.

The author manage to hide this two sub routine or sub programs very well in the dll files so even if I manage to find the flaw within the to run even when the LICENSE expires. One would still need the ID KEY.

So what am I trying to get here?

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The Same Feeling

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Yesterday was really stressful for me. I had this feeling sometime ago last year when I accidentally messed up my FXDD account. Well I posted it under ‘Dumb dumb

Anyway… this time round. I don’t think I should ignore this feeling.

Yesterday was a really bad day for me because I took a heavy loss. My account took a $85 loss and well, my Alpari account took a $60 loss. Total of $140… While it is normal for my Alpari account since I am taking on a bigger lot size vs a bigger equity. My FXDD account is different.

My FXDD account runs on a very small capital and the minimum lot is 0.1. Testing at that lot size for a very small account for is a grave mistake which I overlooked. I am running both my FAPTurbo (cracked) and Piptronic. Together the my loses came to about $85. That is what happens when one overtrade…. sighhh… even if I was trading with a robot. I really really need to money manage… By the way, I don’t turn on Money Management on the settings… :) I like to be in control.. but in this situation. My stupidity took control once again.

Anyway, I have to stop Piptronic since the stop loss is bigger than FAPTurbo. But I am still running Piptronic on a FXDD demo account just to see how it pans out. Maybe when my equity is much bigger, then maybe I’ll revisit Piptronic for my FXDD account.

On top of that, I am running Piptronic on my live Masterforex account. And results are pretty decent. So we shall see. I notice that piptronic in Masterforex does react the same way as my FXDD. About 80% of the trades are similar in timing. Maybe I should just focus Piptronic on Masterforex….

Geesss…. what a day… so stressful.

EA Piptronic

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Ok… I have been testing out Piptronic for the past few weeks already. Both demo and live. By my own guideline, piptronic has actually passed my first test which is to backtest this EA since 1999.

(Click on graph to view backtest statement)

As you can see, the result is pretty much linear. Interesting no? This sort of graph is the same as the one I saw before which was EA Shark. My only concern was whether the dip around 2008 was the same sort of trend you see with EA Shark, that it does not seem to weather all market conditions. I can not explain this but can only assume that the data used for this backtesting was not exactly consistent.

Anyhow, this sort of a graph would obviously test my curiosity and see how it performs on a demo account. In the span of 2 weeks including the 3 days which my internet connection was broken, I found that piptronic works well with FXDD and Masterforex.

It was pretty impressive so I took the plunge and put it live on my FXDD and Masterforex account. But at the same time I continue to demo test Piptronic on both these brokers. Just to test consistency…

Anyway… below are the my demo account standing as of 18/03/09.

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Organizing Demo

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Phew… I never knew demo-ing a few EA can be quite tough or rather tedious.

Well, I have been trying to demo test other so called Best Forex EA around to see if they are actually the ‘Best’ forex EA.

Ok, granted I am a scum because these forex EA are EA which I was able to download for free. Anyhow, scum as a scum can be, I needed to find out if it is actually as good as they say.

Initially I started out dumping a few EA on one demo account with different lot size as a way to identify if it was profitable at the end of my test period. But this is too tedious so I scraped that idea and a few weeks of demo testing.

Now I have open 6 demo accounts on three main broker that I believe to be interesting.

FXDD, Alpari and Masterforex.

I dismiss Interbank is because I notice, on other forex review, interbank does not seem to show very profitiable result for EA tested on them. My first hand experiences with Interbank with FAPTurbo also did not yield such encouraging results.

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All Set for 2009

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Yes, it maybe a bit late. But I guess it’s better late than never. I am all set for the rest of 2009. That is with regards to my forex escapade.

I have already improve my blog theme to accommodate both a download page and a performance page.

Looking back at 2008 and last month Jan 2009. My forex performances with EA has not been too good. But since I have been having a lot of confidences with FAPTurbo. This month has been pretty interesting in terms of depositing more capital into my broker account.

I have redeposited $450 into my FXDD account. Since FXDD does allow deposit by Paypal, it would be interesting to see it grow and then hope to have a monthly withdrawal into my Paypal account. As you can see, I am not doing to bad…

I also deposited $30 into my MasterForex account. I had some Liberty Reserve in my account, and I thought ‘Hey! Rather than letting it sit there, might as well reopen my micro account with MasterForex ‘ And with that I did. But my initial motivation was that MasterForex does allow scalping. And since FAPTurbo is all about scalping, why not try and see how it is performing. Again, so far so good…

As for my IBFX account, Don Steinitz MTF Forex Robot Trader is doing pretty shitty for me at the moment. From 2000 to 1600 in 2008. So I told myself, f%$^ it. I am going to see if Alpari can make more money for me with FAPTurbo.

With that in mind, I have withdrawn $900 from IBFX and moved it to my Alpari account. And what a surprise I got. I am not too sure what kind of promotion Alpari is giving, but they added another 10% to my deposit from IBFX. In that instances, I actually made and extra $50 bucks after deduction bank wire (in/out) fee, not bad huh.

*Update: Just visited Alpari’s site. New layout and all… Apparently they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. So that explain the 10% credit bonus… after reading the fine print, the condition is that one need to have a 100 standard lot turnover within the month of March 09 in order to enjoy or withdraw the credit bonus. I guess it would be difficult for me to achieve that with my current turnover. Geess… this is just like Casino Credit Bonus… Sighhh… Oh well, let see if they withdraw this credit by the end of March 09.

Having said that, I also just recently increased my trading lot with Alpari, from 0.02 to 0.1. So at this point in writing, it is not exactly doing to well for me. I have one floating lot which I would expect it to close very very soon at a lost. But let’s see how it will fair come the end of this month.

With all of this in place, lets see how I perform. My target is to firstly recoup my lost capital in 2008.

Sharing Forex Trading Stats

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After X Guy ask if I could share stats or forex performances, I stumble upon a very interesting site. MT4Stats.com .

It seems like you can create as many account as you like, and share the links to your mt4 account trading performances.

Well, X Guy… I will be posting my result soon as promised. So that you can compare. I am going to create 4 account one for each broker…

This site rocks… It’s going to be the first link on my blogroll widget… :)

All my account is displayed via this link. It is only as of this month. I do not think it would be interesting to show you my whole account… It would be very embarrasing for me… :)

I think I will put up a page for those who are interested to see my live results…

Alpari – FAPTurbo used

Interbank – Don Steintz MTF Forex Trading Robot

FXDD – FAPTurbo (cracked version)

Masterforex – FAPTurbo (cracked version)

Happy EA trading!! :)

Looking back at 2008

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Yes, it is a tad late but since I have already put my house or rather my plans with Forex EA in order. I thought it would be good time to look back at how I did in 2008.

I was monitoring it till June 2008 on my previous site, which I am thinking of ‘renovating’ it. But…. one thing at a time. So here is how I did so far…

2008 Forex EA Performance

Not so clear… but I have about 4 account, if you include Liteforex then it would be 5. I have hid the column with of Liteforex, because my page can’t take in another column. It will make this image smaller that it looks. Anyhow, Liteforex account has been closed. And you can see I have withdrew, $17 bucks out, which means I made a lost of 103 in that account.

So as you can see, Interbank is mostly Don Steinitz MTF Forex Robot Trader. FXDD, was plan and simple. A bunch of EA that mess my account up couple with my ‘Dumb Dumb ‘ episode. Masterforex and Liteforex was my trial macro account, where I toy around with EA live. And Alpari is solely my FAP Turbo EA.

As of end 2008, I am down 1000 bucks… shit happens and can cause u money when u do dumb things. Lesson learned…. And what a year of learning it was. Call it my tuition fee for the year 2008.

As for 2009, my target would be to recoup my 2008 losses. It’s not going to be fast, but I do hope that it would be interesting and exciting. Still a long way… but we will see…

I will start posting my month end performances probabily early of every new month to see if I am on target. Let’s wait for Feb 09 to end and I will post Jan 09 and Feb 09 together…

Happy EA trading… :)