2 Fast 2 Fool-ious

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I am proud to say that I have achieve my second new years resolution… which was to build my own EA.

Ok… maybe not from the ground up, I kind of cheated a bit in my quest to achieve this goal. I took another EA, tweaked with it, add some rim, add some nitrous, change the engine to a V8 and add a coat of new paint. Voila!!! A beautiful masterpiece…. which I named it aQuila.

Initially I wanted to name it Megan Fox… but thought I might be sued if this beauty proved hotter than Megan Fox.

Anyway, I also added another ‘computer system’ to monitor this lean mean beautiful machine… This EA works in parallel with aQuila to ensure my account to get fu(ked.

I have been testing the main EA for about 2 months now and tweaking it here and there was not easy…

It all started with a busted account and myfxbook chart below shows my progress.. :)

My first attempt[Note: Deleted the chart below because it is cramping myfxbook, this screenshot will be suffice for my journal record purpose]

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Barking at Martin

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Forex Martingale Showcase IV – FX Pitbull

Woof! Woof! Bark! Grrrr…. Bark! Bark! Grrrr… Woof!

Yes, I know Fido. I was looking at it when it was launched a few months back…

Bark! Bark! Woof!

Well… I did not look deeper into it because I was focusing more on Scalping EA… and not much on Martingale EA eventhough it looked interesting.


I know… I know… the developer busted a few demos when he was displaying it on his myfxbook… Why do you think I put it my thoughts on this EA on hold?

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Ok Fido… why don’t you be a good boy and sit. Let me tell this story…

About three weeks ago… the developer made a mass email to a few EA reviewers to test out his EA by giving a free copy to them. I was honored to be one of them. So of course I had to take jump at this opportunity.

If you don’t know it yet, Pitbull EA and Martin Locker King (MLK for short) was developed by the same developer.

You can actually check out his myfxbook page.


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Slicing it Both Ways

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Forex Martingale Showcase III – The New Megan EA

Now this is an interesting EA which I stumble upon. Initially I thought it just another Martingale EA, but I soon discover it was not your ordinary Martingale EA.

Why? Because this particular EA slice it both ways.

Most of the normal Martingale EA run on a basis of having a drawdown, while taking a fix small profit. And that is what I consider to be an ordinary Martingale EA. But what is not so ordinary about this Martingale EA is that it also does take the other way, which I will define this as the opposite of drawdown. This EA also have a ‘draw-up’

While drawdown means a -ve equity balance, a draw-up would mean a +ve equity balance. Hmmm…. somehow or rather I have never heard of a term which describe a +ve equity balance.

Anyway… apart from this EA, there is another commercial martingale EA that works on this principle which I will write about it in the next showcase.

Ok back to this new Megan EA.

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Forex Casino

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Forex Martingale Showcase II – King Martin Scalper

Now here is an idea which I believe never occurred to anyone. Ok… maybe it has but I don’t think it was never really realized until I stumble upon it.

It’s call the King Scalper but I renamed it King Martin Scalper. For the reason that this particular ‘scalper’ application is very very different from your normal EA. It not only scalp like 15 pips per trade, but it utilizes martingale.

This strategy is so simple that I just went like ‘Wow!!’

This is how this EA works. It ‘bet’ on one currency pair and if it losses it double up the lot. Plan and simple martingale. It’s a ‘scalper’ because it only takes 15 pips. However, this is not your ordinary scalper because the stop loss is also 15 pips. The idea is that… see if I win the first trade.

So if on the first ‘bet’, the trade losses. It takes on another ‘bet’ doubling the size. etc etc. When it hits it’s profit target. It starts all over again. And at every successful Martingale round, I win 15 pips.

Is this forex casino or what… :) (I am going to trademark this name)

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Glorifying Martingale

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Paul Pierre Levy the guy who came up with Martingale

Paul Pierre Levy the guy who came up with Martingale

Well.. the demo page is up and it looks fun.

Anyway… I have notice lately that there seems to be a direction which the commercial EA is going back into. Namely Martingale sort of EA. Then again it’s just probably it is just me who is keen to look for Martingale EA to add to my Megan account.

I can not but accept the fact that Martingale EA can produce a very nice linear graph with minimal drawdown. My approach as seen it last for as far as 6 months. Going through all the news and volatility of the market which is probably one of the reason why it affirms my believe that my approach to Martingale is probably correct.

I feel that there are many ways to play with this strategy.

Martingale EA is a double edge sword, one side being sharper than the other. The question is how to handle the sharper part of the sword. Some people say money management, some people say hedging, some people say diversify.

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Martingale Strategy

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This first order of business when I started to do backtesting was to backtest Cyborg EA. On top of that, I was also backtesting another EA PipMaker V3.15… (Open source edited to include Martingale Strategy)

Now PipMaker was a tough sucker to backtest. Why? Because it took like 2 hours just to backtest one currency pair… And it was not from 1999 till todate. It was from 01/01/2008 till 29/05/2009… My gawd! And I was backtesting it on both broker… Interbank and Alpari. Two of what I would say my main account.

Anyway… it was pretty interesting. Before I dive into the actual backtesting results. I wanted to express my view on Martingale Strategy.

Martingale system has been widely used in casino but I have never come across it until a few months back when I was looking into Forex Funnel. Did not dive into it until I got Cyborg EA. And did not backtest it until well…. last week when my penpal forwarded to me PipMaker V3.15

Martingale stategy is a really scary strategy. In casino using Martingale startegy, you double up your bet just to win 1 credit… This strategy was mostly used in Roulette playing black/red. You double up your bet when you lose your initial bet and continue to double up until you hit a win.

And you only win 1 credit… Here is a clearer explaination on wikipedia… Martingale Betting System .

And here is my personal experiences with casino roulette systems … (What can I say… I just love gambling) :)

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