Operation Blitzkrieg

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This is day 2 of operation Euro Blitzkrieg. I have set up all the EA on the demo ground to see how well it will perform on the training field.

Suffice to say… it was pretty tedious to set it up in an organize manner. It wasn’t easy but it has got to be done. To win the war… these soldiers must be ready. If they are not… then screw it.

As day 2 comes to an end… I found out more and more interesting things about these EA. Some were not what they are cut out for. But we shall see.

I have set up two different training ground. One demo platform is put in place to let them run freely without any control. Where else the other demo platform, the EA are controlled.

The controlled idea came about with I was reading and testing Firebird Driven. The reason for control is that because most of the EA has a very big stop loss level. The problem is that with big stop losses, all you need is one stop to whip your profits down to size.

And it would take a whole load of pips to get back on track. This is undesireable. And I believe what causes the see saw in the backtesting graph.

But this needs to be proven.. which EA needs to be control and which doesn’t. It is for that reason, I have set up two different demo to experiment.

Euro Blitzkrieg

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I was trying to backtest other EA in my ‘To Be Tested’ folder… and as I was backtesting and backtesting and backtesting…

An idea popped up on my head…. But… before I dived into what this idea is about… I notice that during all these backtesting… a lot of the graph were see-saw shaped.

While the profit factor is interesting within the initial time period of 2008 till end May 2009… the see saw graph proves discouraging…

Maybe because I am brainwashed by the so called ‘smooth’ equity curve… like this one below

Equity Curve
(Will talk more about this in another post)

Or recently… like this linear graph below…

Linear Line
hehe.. this guy made no promise to me that he will share his secrets…

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Performance as of End May 09

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I was really procrastinating doing this update. I am so ashamed and do not want to accept the fact that May 09 was not as profitable as I wanted it to be.

Plainly… it was again due to stupidity. Sighh…. oh well… it needs to be done so that I can review previous month and correct it again this month.

Here is my result for end May 09
Performance End May 09

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Automatic Trading VS Manual Trading

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My thoughts continue to drive towards automatic trading and manual trading.

The debate goes in such a way that manual trading will ultimately rule over automatic trading. A lot of the community believes that manual trading is the way to profit and not automatic trading.

Straining my brains to understand why? I believe the answer is this simple, the market is a one big dynamic organism. It changes, rules and variables and whatever not… changes. If you believe in past, present and future, cause and effect philosophy… then you will understand why forex or people who sells product or software on ways to make money put a disclaimer on their websites.

‘The past makes the present and the present makes the future’

So past performances earnings does not necessarily mean the same earnings in the future. That is what they are saying in their disclaimer.

Coming back… Manual traders have an upper hand. Because they are involve in the market directly, they can adapt quickly when the market changes. Robots are dumb programs that follows a set of guidelines… in IT words… a set of programing.

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My Thoughts on Forex EA

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For the past few days my brain wave was going on overdrive. My thoughts was going on and on about my approach on automatic trading. So much so that I eat thinking about forex, I bathe thinking about forex, I sleep thinking about forex. Hell! Even my wet dreams was about forex!

Every moment I was trying to get my thoughts together and trying to understand all these talk about principle, manual trading, automatic trading, what is possible and what is not, are they the same, should it be treated the same, what needs to be done, what approach should i take and most of it all….. will I be able to be successful in the forex market with with forex robot trading or automatic trading.

While I still haven’t got the gist of it… I will take my thoughts one step at a time.

Firstly, what is forex ea to me? Why should I use forex EA and not manually trade?

I mentioned before it is time. Forex EA will allow me time. Secondly I absolutely got no patient to sit in front of the monitor all day to scan for opportunity. Juggling 24 hours between work, family and friends, means one thing has to be sacrificed in order to fit forex manual trading into my life.

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It’s a Matter of Principle

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Over the months, since I started this blog. I have been in contact with a lot of people and some of them has in way become penpals. It is nice to communicate with other people of the same interest and along the way learn from one another.

Mostly I do the learning from them…. :) That’s because surprisingly, most of my penpals are veterans in forex trading and they trade big. Some of them are full time traders. Some of them are part time and small traders like me.

But I recently (as in this week) started to communicate with them direct via messenger. Don’t know but somehow or rather most of them uses skype and I don’t really use skype, I mostly use MSN and Yahoo Messenger… While I do have a skype account, but have not touched it for ages.

So because I wanted to start communicating directly with them rather than back and forth via email. I reinstalled my skype and started adding contacts.

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I Need A Game Plan

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April have been a horrible month! This week of trading coming up to 1st May did not really helped me at all.

In fact, I did what every human would do when they are down this week. They try to fix things when it may not be broken. I was tweaking my settings on my LIVE ACCOUNT.

Gawd dang! This was another cardinal rule of trading that I broke. Auto trading or manual trading this cardinal rule holds true. Do not mess with the strategy half way through. In auto trading terms do not mess with the settings halfway through when your expert advisor is still on…

Sighh… automatic trading is not as easy as it sounds.

Today is Labour Day. So I took a rest, and close down my PC. Reflect on what happened this month in April.

It was terrible, I like many other was not only licking my wounds on a very bad trading month, but I was also looking for a way to recoup my losses. BAD MISTAKE. Experiences traders would say… ‘Turn off your chart and go chill out and don’t mess around with your strategy yet’

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