Blink and You Might Miss It

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blinkHas anyone read this book, ‘blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell? It’s a great book. I just finished it.

It has nothing to do with trading. However, it has a lot to do with snap judgement and gives a more and deeper understanding on how our mind work in terms of making snap judgement or unconsious decision.

I don’t know about you. But somehow or rather, it makes me understand why veteran traders would outlast new traders.

They say trading is an art. This art is the ability to make decisions in the market under sheer stress and pressure. With so much noise and information like charts, news, trend lines, volume indicator, fan indicator, dog indicator, cat indicator, glaring at you on the screen, how one profits from the market is how one makes a decision to go in and out of to the market without second thoughts.

Well, there are a lot of thoughts that I have and points that I can associate this book with trading, but I shall leave you with one particular thought of mine.

You can not take the art out of trading by automatic trading. However, you can put the art of trading into automatic trading.

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