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UPDATE : Edited for clarity purpose… Since the post ‘Finally Decompiled’ was forced to be taken down. This would be in references to ‘Finally Decompiled Revision 1’ (Which at the time of this update is till being edited also for clarity purpose

I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to share this finding on my previous post ‘Finally Decompiled ‘ but I guess I should explain this first.

I did mentioned that when I decompiled FAPTurbo 36 and 37. I found that the two ingredient to make FAPTurbo work. One needs both the LICENSE copy and the ID KEY in order for this EA to work.

The author manage to hide this two sub routine or sub programs very well in the dll files so even if I manage to find the flaw within the to run even when the LICENSE expires. One would still need the ID KEY.

So what am I trying to get here?

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