Hijack! And Bit(hing About it!

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 18-08-2010

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My site have been hijacked not once but twice! Some of you might have notice that a few weeks ago, when I wasn’t updating my blog, your visit would have been redirected to another site.

This site is about how your site or your computer is being infected by virus blah blah blah…

That is what it means by being hijacked. They hijack my visitors…

These hi-wankers seems to be able to embed a piece of code into my site and it is everywhere on the top of all my php files.

While it seems harmless, it is nevertheless frustrating and annoying.

The codes looks something like this…

The encrypted code is long but when one decodes, one will be able to see that this script will direct visitors accessing these php files or site to a site encrypted into the codes. Most of these sites are either anti-spam or anti-virus site. Ironic isn’t it?

I believe it is these twats that hack and hijack sites with vulnerable site security such as mine.

Once hijacked… the only thing to do next was for me to clean up the codes as soon as possible.

I had to firstly scour the internet to find a way to clean this codes up. If not I needed to clean each files up one by one! And that would mean… long, tedious, frustrating, exercise.

Luckily for me, my webhost provider gave me a script file to assist me. But it was not able to help me clean up these filesĀ  100%. Some files I had to manually clean it up myself.

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