The Bull is Down in the Pits!

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Demo Update

If you haven’t notice yet… My PITBULL demo is in the dumps…

Yes… that is what people would say… Martingale is dangerous. And quite rightly so… if one does not use it carefully.

There are two things I have to say there. One… and the most important point here is that I over trade. I traded 0.1 lot on a $2k account with a leverage of only 1:100. That is how I could yield a high of $3.5k  close to 50% return  over 2 months period.

Secondly, it seems that there is a bug in the codes. The EA seems to only go long rather than both ways.

I spoke to the developer and he says that something is not right because the EA should trade both ways. Looking at his myfxbook statement, he verifies it. So it’s either he forwarded the wrong EA to me which I doubt it…

Or… I might have done something to the EA. I mean… erm… (Putting myself in the corner here)

Ok… these needs to be looked at. Because I have actually put Pitbull in my lovely megan account. And it seems to exhibit the same traits.

However… in my Megan account, I am trading 0.001 (nano) lots on a 1:500 leverage and only trading 3 currency pair as per my backtesting results. While I do not think it will effect much… I still need to get to the bottom of this and restart the demo again…

Monthly Update ~ June 2010

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June has been kind to me. Probably because I am happy that my Alpari account is catching up. Without further ado… I present to you my update as of June 2010

It ain’t impressive but a positive month end closing is a step forward.

I thought this time round I will let the result speaks for itself… using my Trade Analyzer, I thought it would be nice to see how each EA that I have placed on my live account fair.

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Barking at Martin

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Forex Martingale Showcase IV – FX Pitbull

Woof! Woof! Bark! Grrrr…. Bark! Bark! Grrrr… Woof!

Yes, I know Fido. I was looking at it when it was launched a few months back…

Bark! Bark! Woof!

Well… I did not look deeper into it because I was focusing more on Scalping EA… and not much on Martingale EA eventhough it looked interesting.


I know… I know… the developer busted a few demos when he was displaying it on his myfxbook… Why do you think I put it my thoughts on this EA on hold?

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Ok Fido… why don’t you be a good boy and sit. Let me tell this story…

About three weeks ago… the developer made a mass email to a few EA reviewers to test out his EA by giving a free copy to them. I was honored to be one of them. So of course I had to take jump at this opportunity.

If you don’t know it yet, Pitbull EA and Martin Locker King (MLK for short) was developed by the same developer.

You can actually check out his myfxbook page.

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