Should I share Or Should I not?

Filed Under (EA System, Journal) by Casey on 11-02-2009

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Remembering a song by legend The Clash ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’, I was wondering if I should Share or Should I not?

Should I share what I found on the internet with regards to Forex EA (Cracked EAs ) on my site or should I just keep it to myself.

I am in kind of a moral dilemma here.

Sharing seems to be the keyword these days. I mean hey… everyone seems to be sharing everything. Movies, Dramas, Songs, and what not… you can think of under the internet umbrella, which is pretty wide.

If I don’t share I am or may not seem to be part of the internet world.

But if I do share, I may have downgrade myself to…. scum… thief… hijacker… and everything you can think of that is bad…

Anyhow, I have created a poll to see if I should share my findings (cracked EA) or NOT…

Majority rules!!!