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It’s time to post something about this EA. I have not only demo tested this EA but have also put it live. So it’s worth to write something about it.

Gawd dang!! This is one good EA!!

I think I shall let these images do the talking… and me adding some comments here and there…

Now this image is a demo test on Alpari. I initially tested USDCAD and BLOODY HELL!!! Don’t you think this should go live?!? Well, my thoughts exactly… this went live of course..

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Gone VPS

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Up…  up… and away!!!

Don’t know why but I am excited about going VPS with my forex robot trading. Makes me feel that I am really running a business here.

It’s like setting up a virtual office and moving out from my home desktop to set up shop somewhere. Renovating the place or rather setting up all the MT4 platform on my new shop. And then setting out my robots to mine the forex field.

So…. WELCOME to MY VPS…. :)

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Going VPS…

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Previously I decided against subscribing to VPS because I calculated that my profits were not enough to cover the monthly cost. That was the justification I gave. But now after doing more analysis on all my MT4 platform. I decided that it is time to go VPS.

Here is one of the reason why

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3 Quiet Days…

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Yes, it has been three days and not many trades on done on FAPTurbo…

2 days were due to connection problem, and yestesday or this morning was due to high spread. One thing good about FAPTurbo is that, if the spread/volatility is too high, no trades would be executed even if the signal was present.

Good huh… while it is very disappointing to not make money for the past few days, I don’t think that I will lose any sleep over this. I trading peanut lots anyway….

The past few days got me going to do more search about VPS…. Did a lot of search and read a lot of blogs. One blog that came up about VPS was this… . I started reading his guide, ‘VPS Guide to MT4 ‘ I must say it was pretty interesting.

It got me interested and to seriously thing about VPS. His site is cool and just like me, he too is searching for the best workable and profitable EA around. Because of that, I have added him into my blog roll.

Anyhoo…. I’m still seriously thinking about it. Putting my live account on VPS and all demo account on my normal internet connection.

Don Steinitz once wrote to all this custormers, ‘If you are seriously thinking about making money from forex, then you must consider the use of VPS (Virtual Private Server)’… Or probably something to that effect.

Now I dismissed that because I though hey… he is trying to upsell another product. But after my last few days of internet blunder… I believe what he meant by that.

Yes, I am serious in wanting to make money with FAPTurbo and whatever interesting EA that would seem profitable so I guess I have to seriously think about VPS.

Internet and VPS

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This morning really got me so upset… I found out my internet connection got screwed up and no trades were taken from my EA FAPTurbo.

One thing is that, I depended too much on wireless. I did not have a LAN wire long enough to reach the modem.

Bloody hell!! Really upsetting and sad…

That had caused me to look into this thing call VPS or Virtual Private Server… Still have a lot of researching to do about VPS like how it works? will it make any differences in my profit? I guess that is the thing for me…

Probably the first thing I need to do is to get a LAN wire to hook up directly into my desktop. I think that is the first thing I need to do. So far my hard line internet connection has been very good. Maybe the uptime is at 90%. Other than that connection is pretty good and consistant.

It may have an effect on my performance and also demo trade but hey… I am not like trading a HUGE account to justify the cost of a monthly VPS package.

Still tt never hurts to learn more about VPS along the way no?