Seeking Closure

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How I wish I have 30 hours 9 days rather than 24 hours 7 days…. Sighhh………

Ok… time for me to close this chapter and move on… So many things to do so little time.

In summary, EAKain says that their demo version is not the same as their original version. Which was clearly a very misleading tactic to potential clients by EAKain. Then again these Mario Brothers have been doing all this $hit all along since a while back and they kind of admit to it…

They state that they have followed some blah blah strategy that Megadroid has employed… Thus, their demo version and original ‘sales’ version is different in a coding but some similarity in the idea…

Huh?!?!? What the hell does it mean….

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And the Story Continues…

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It is a Chinese Custom to complete or solve any outstanding issues before ushering the Chinese New Year…¬† But in reality it’s not simple… I maybe a Chinese but logic at times rule my thoughts a bit more… And I believe the logic of solving your problem before the Chinese New Year is so that it does not eat your thoughts while you celebrate and welcome the new year…

I had a great new year holiday, even while I have not actually concluded my chapter with EAKAIN.

So… I am taking this opportunity to close this chapter… ok maybe not close this chapter but to clarify what went on before Chinese New Year and why I had to do some amendments to my original post Holy Balony Batman!

I am going to start off by an email sent to be and the reply and the ding dong that went along with it… (If you are not into drama then I guess you can skip this post… :) ) Read the rest of this entry »

Martingale Mania VI ~ Capital Outlay

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While I continued my back testing on a few more currency pair, I was planning my next course of action to this Martingale strategy. Since I believe I got the currency pair covered… ok… more or less got the currency pair covered, I also needed to address the main issue to continue with this strategy forward.

Capital outlay with the big C

Looking back at the nature of the risk I am willing to take with this strategy… for each currency pair, I need to have at least $10k… risking around 3,500 every time… would equal to 35% of my capital. This would of course be reduced every time I successfully accumulate my profits and grow my capital and continuous maintained my lot size to be at 0.01.

Thus… this is where I am stuck!

I do not have $10k with me at the moment. So what am I going to do? $hit!

However having said that… there is always a way around it. If I were to change $10k into 10k cent… it would make sense to trade 10k sense… going on a 0.01.

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Transformer got Decepti-CONned?

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Is this true?! Optimus Prime got Decepti-CONED?

Well… As I was testing and trying out all the EA on my operation bliztkrieg which seems to be going up in smokes… I found out that Transformer is actually another free EA.

When Onur asked me to investigate this EA, I saw the source code and though it looked familiar… but I could not put my nose on it. I search almost all the source codes on my library but could not find any similarity…

Then when Zeno from emailed to me with regards to Transformer being the same as Conqueror and Vampire (New EA) It hit me!

I went to check Forex Conqueror’s source code and there you have it…

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A Deal Strucked

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Call it coincidences or whatever it maybe. Over the past few days has been pretty interesting. EA Boss, FAPTurbo and FPA. I must admit it was pretty interesting.

But my focus is still the bottom line in my live account . Wanted to post this but I was busy trying to get my demo running and my live account ready for this week. Added one or two new EA on my account… Now it is rock and roll time!!!

Anyway…. back to my main story. FAPTurbo contacted me a few days ago… We exchange an email or two…. And we agreed on somethings.

While I still doubt as to who are the guys behind FAPTurbo, I again will state that I do not doubt the product. I am currently using it and still using it. While it is not perfect these past month… I believe it would continue to make money. As long as I keep to the 2% rule, I should be alright.

Anyway, I propose a thing or two with them and they agreed. I in turn have to take down the open source code of FAPTurbo from my site.

I also told them the truth about me knowing how to crack their ID KEY. They did not bother. I would take that as they are alright with it. As long as I don’t distribute this ID KEY keygen.

So the deal was strucked between us… Funny huh how this goes… but who cares….

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Isn’t it Ironic

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I’m just so stressed, stressed, stressed.

Juggling between my day time job, family, forex trading, lossing money, winning money, update my site, replying to emails… Sigghhh…..

It’s a real pain at times at times when not everything are in sync.

Ok… I was just ranting up there. Now to my post. Oh before that, I was drafting a post but when I received this email I thought maybe this would be more interesting.

After FPA contacted me and release a news press on it’s forum

EA BOSS team contacted them and ask them to remove the posts. And will supply the open codes to them. So what FPA did was copied me and FAPTurbo abuse team and ask them to include us both into the discussion.

I was like “What?!?! Me and FAPTurbo abuse team?!?!”

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This Made My Day

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This is what I mostly do everyday… when possible that is. I would turn on my laptop, log in to my desktop to check my forex performance, make some notes and then check my email.

And I was surprise when I open up my email this morning. It was from FPA ( ) with regards to my article on EA BOSS. Apparently my article was referred to by a nice person call Kev… (Thank¬† you Kev)

Anyway… this was what Bill(Assistant Moderator) and this is what he wrote

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