Prime Suspect

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Long before I gotten the email from EAKAIN, I actually got an email from the developer of Primeval himself… Now… it took me quite some time to get this going… I started off by asking him if he would put his states on myfxbook… And he did…

(Had to include a snapshot rather than a direct link because if this system is deleted so is this graph. If you don’t see any graph below means that it has been deleted. Therefore, just click on the image above to see if the owner has any other new publish graph to show)

And as you can see… pretty amazing huh… I was relatively impress with it… I guess one of the reason why some people think that EAKAIN is Primeval… because not only is it a scalper that is shown here but also the currency pair that is trade is very same with an exception of GBPUSD which Primeval supports

Now Sergio was kind enough to forward to me a copy after I begged him… It was right about the same time when I was digging up dirt on EAKAIN… So at the same time, I also did my digging of Primeval and how to do this? Well… by begging of course… :)

Sorry Sergio… but I had to decompile to have a look at the codes. There were a lot of talks that Primeval is the same as EAKain which is the same as MegaDroid and knowing me I just had to know…

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Seeking Closure

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How I wish I have 30 hours 9 days rather than 24 hours 7 days…. Sighhh………

Ok… time for me to close this chapter and move on… So many things to do so little time.

In summary, EAKain says that their demo version is not the same as their original version. Which was clearly a very misleading tactic to potential clients by EAKain. Then again these Mario Brothers have been doing all this $hit all along since a while back and they kind of admit to it…

They state that they have followed some blah blah strategy that Megadroid has employed… Thus, their demo version and original ‘sales’ version is different in a coding but some similarity in the idea…

Huh?!?!? What the hell does it mean….

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And the Story Continues…

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It is a Chinese Custom to complete or solve any outstanding issues before ushering the Chinese New Year…  But in reality it’s not simple… I maybe a Chinese but logic at times rule my thoughts a bit more… And I believe the logic of solving your problem before the Chinese New Year is so that it does not eat your thoughts while you celebrate and welcome the new year…

I had a great new year holiday, even while I have not actually concluded my chapter with EAKAIN.

So… I am taking this opportunity to close this chapter… ok maybe not close this chapter but to clarify what went on before Chinese New Year and why I had to do some amendments to my original post Holy Balony Batman!

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Holy Balony Batman!

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Batman with his sidekick Robin. Painting by Al...

Huh… my muse ran dry today and I could not come up with a good script for part 2 of my guacamoly EA. Have to get straight to the point on this one…

I was just so amazed at what I found that I just could not think of a script to write… 😛

Anyway… first time was fun… second time was kind of hard work so not fun anymore. But… you guys don’t want to read about all this blah blah by Batman and Robin…

You guys/gals want to know what EA I am going to expose right here… right now. Correct?!

Ok… even if I am wrong… I am going to start with Robin’s gay story which never kicked off from the previous ‘episode’

About two weeks ago, I got this email from a site, very similar to mine. When I say similar I don’t mean in terms of contents but in terms of domain name.

My Domain name is where else, his/her domain name is (should I give him/her a link here?)

Well, this guy/gal… I would probably guess that it is a guy coz 99% of the time only guys will think of something like that… (If I am wrong, I guess you can sue me for gender discrimination… )

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A BullShit Close to My Heart

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UPDATE Some minor English correction… hehe Got to carried away to pay any attention to my English…

Now I am really irritated by my previous post. As if there isn’t enough BS on the internet, this BS have to haunt me…. And is pushing me to do this posts.

Sighh… I have really steered away from my original objective of this blog… But this irritation has been messing with me so I have to mess it here on my blog to get it out of my system.

Now I have been getting email blast from all EA author/seller which I mentioned earlier and one of them was FAPTurbo. What do you think is wrong with this email?

I tell you what…

It is this!!
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Mega Bullshit

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I have been going through my emails from EA sellers/authors and even forex trading system ebook authors and found it quite amazing that they write about this EA like it’s the best EA that ever came into existence.

Sometimes I feel that they are promoting the fact that this MegaDroid EA is better than their EA or their trading systems .

What a f*&@ing load of bull!

If it’s the best or so they say in their email… Are they going to buy it and trade it?

I don’t know why but reading their emails makes me very pissed off. I can’t put my finger on why I feel so pissed off…

I am beginning to think that email marketing is really a big con ass job.

Ok… calm down…… Breath in….. breath out…. breath in… breath out….

Anyway… i found out that MegaDroid MAY HAVE something to do with Forex Auto Scalper check out below… I found this particular finding from the forum

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Mega Joke

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Fuyoh!! Just got an email blast from my wonderful forex EA sellers… Ok… my fault. I subscribe to a lot of them just to see what is new.

Forex Expert Advisors or Forex Trading Robot is a huge market… So huge that it seems all of these guys who are building a list are actually promoting the same shit… thing…

Ok I have writen about this before and I think I want to write about it again…

There is this new site Forex MegaDroid

These forex system sellers seems to be pushing big numbers on their site…330%, 600%, blah, blah blah… They say it is a robot… So… they must be using MT4 trading platform. But they did not mention it one bit on their sales site…

If they did, I would have screw them with something like this ‘Don’t these 20 years of experiences forex traders know about MT4 and how you can actually show proof to people BY GIVING THEM AN INVESTORS PASSWORD TO VIEW YOUR LIVE/FORWARD ACCOUNT’

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