Have You Ever Wondered?

Filed Under (EA System) by Casey on 17-06-2009

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Have you ever wondered about most of this BS scam that has been going around since early this year? Yes… I wondered about it most of the time. With the new EA that came out… theforexwonder.com. It makes me wonder even more.

It has the same smell as a piece of $hit that has just been sitting there.

But this post is not ALL about this new EA. You might say this post is old news but so far it has not been compile in a more clearer way. So now I am going to compile one very big shabang on these fu(kers… It is so sad that it originates from somewhere close to home.

Here are the the posts when I first started discovering this bullshit…

While I have to admit, someone has already raise a red flag or pointed me to the information on my blog but I did not really put focus on this issue until I got another email from Zeno of 4xproject.com about this new EA… theforexwonder.com

I think it is about time to relive this BS and smoke it to kingdom come.

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This Made My Day

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This is what I mostly do everyday… when possible that is. I would turn on my laptop, log in to my desktop to check my forex performance, make some notes and then check my email.

And I was surprise when I open up my email this morning. It was from FPA (ForexPeaceArmy.com ) with regards to my article on EA BOSS. Apparently my article was referred to by a nice person call Kev… (ThankĀ  you Kev)

Anyway… this was what Bill(Assistant Moderator) and this is what he wrote

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It’s a Kind of Magic

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As usual… here is another bullshit piece.

The Forex Magic Machine (http://theforexmagicmachine.com). I written previously about this… actually nope… I wrote other articles produce by what I believe to be the same people who brough you EA like Forex Fantasy, Forex Maestro, Semi Automatic… and now… another exotic EA came courtesy of

I previously wanted to do a write up when again all the Stupid Old EA seller started blasting my inbox with this new up and coming EA. Because I had my hand full with my own problems, I decided not to give it a whack at it…

But now since it’s release a few days ago… I was not surprise when someone forward to me this forum thread…


And another very kind visitor forward to me his copy of Magic Machine. And with his blessing he said I could share it with you all.

Anyway… that’s not my point…. My point is to dig deeper. I said before I ‘believe’ this to be a work of the same guy…
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Going Straight

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I had a nice chat recently with a fellow friend of mine and we touch on being ethical and morally right about the internet. Gee… it’s the internet. How do you draw the line of what is ethical and morally right?

I told him about my site and about the new membership page which I just set up and how I was in a dilemma.

And it was no coincidence that a few visitors on my site who had shared with me their EA spoke about my member access page that some of the EA should not be shared.

So how do I go about it?

I mean sharing is the KEYWORD these days on the internet. Piracy or copywrite material is blurred out when it comes to the internet.

Take REMExpert for example, I had clearly proven that it is a ripoff of FAPTurbo. And mind you FAPTurbo is not as straight as one would think. EA wise it works, I have shown how FAPTurbo profit for me. I have shown how REMExpert seems to be an improvement.

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