The Legend Continues…

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Since now I have some free time, I owe Cacus a detail post about his rip-off EA.

I have to admit that I had to take a bit more time to really study this topic. It was a few months ago that I kind of stop these sort of ‘detective’ work. While it was good for my blog it was not so for my live account.

It was one or the other. Talking about scamming EA really boosted my traffic to the site. It was good and exciting to see an instant traffic surge to my site. And of course to keep up with the traffic expectation, I continue to dive into my ‘detective’ work only to find out that the my live account wasn’t as exciting as it should be.

So, I took a decision to stop or maybe cut down on these sort of work and focus on EA that makes sense to me rather than ranting about EA that is full of $hit. I must say… that was a decision I am glad that I made. Too much effort needs to be taken to do some research… and I though I would rather use these effort to improve my account balance.

Anyway… the industry seem to be able to regulate themselves with regards to rip-off EA. So why bother…

However… as a favor to Cacus who supports my site, I though the least I could do is put some effort in finding out the truth in all this.

So here is what I found….

Forex Legend offers two EA one is a scalper while the other is a trend EA.

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Legend has it…

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Phew… it’s been a long while since my last blog. Ok… not all that long about 2 weeks I have been MIA and will be MIA for two more weeks.

I am way way way behind time with my deadline. And I am talking about my day job here. So behind time that the light at the end of the tunnel… hmmm… I don’t think there is any light in the end of the tunnel for me here.

Sighh…. any huuu…. I had to take some time out because I wanted to help an acquaintance of mine. And of course inform my visitors.

It seems that the scammers are back in town…


Ha!! Short and straight to the point.

Unfortunately, I am in a rush and thus could not do a real research on how it is a rip off.

But I have reason to believe the developer of the free EA himself. He was the one who contacted me and ask me to do a post.

And of course, a quick browse here and there kind of confirms this.

I probably will do another write up on this in more detail… but for now… take it from me.

It’s a rip off of Cacus’s free EA which you can download here. (Raw download from the server)

I have to take my leave now and look for my light at the end of my tunnel with regards to my day job. Or else I am going to get fired!

So… just leave this EA alone and don’t part you hard earn money. Because FOREX LEGEND IS FIRED!!