Comedy Thusday

Filed Under (EA System) by Casey on 14-01-2010

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Sometimes as I browse around the EA market, I come across bits and pieces of funny take.

I am convince that most of these EA sellers are programmers first by skill, internet marketing second by obvious reasons, and no practical traders experiences. Just create a software, market it and fu(k it be.

I have yet to see an EA seller who has posted their own live trading results or rather I have yet to witness a live VERIFIED trading result from them.

Most if not all of them post their DEMO account rather than their LIVE account. Why is that so I wonder?

Maybe the reason is for us end users to test it out live for them and then post it on the internet to share with others. Pretty smart if you ask me… but does not go well in terms of credibility if you ask me…

Anyhow… here are two funny takes…

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