Internet Marketing on Forex

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 09-06-2010


Internet Marketing is practically BS and it becomes so loaded with BS that it is so apparent when internet marketing trying to push products like Forex EA.

I am one who has tried my hands on internet marketing but failed miserable. Why? Because I can’t BS as good as those who can. And those who can really BS are the one who makes the most money. And those who make the most money are usually call scammers. Especially in the Forex EA world…

There is a sucker born every minute. That is true… and I can admit that once in a while I was that sucker who was born and reborn every now and then. But I guess as time goes by I kind of became more wise when it comes to products on the internet.

I no longer get ‘bong’ by the big make $hit loads of money sort of tag line. Once bitten twice shy sort of thing…

But one thing interesting to see is how internet marketing tries to BS their way into forex. I guess these sort of internet marketing approach worked for a while. But those forex veteran were smarter. And most veteran forex guys will see or rather smell a ‘scam’ when they see one.

Again… I guess these website is not for them. It is for suckers that are born every minute. And I don’t think there are any more suckers born that would take up their BS especially in forex with their internet marketing hype.

Or could I be wrong?

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