Monthly Update ~ May 2010

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Ok… Finally got my rebate in to close my month of May 2010.

Well… I still got hit in my Alpari… still my rebate keeps rocking it up.

I guess by now I should say… one should ignore my GoMarket account for the time being. Well.. for reason that I have already clearly mention in my previous post.

So… if I were to only look at my Alpari and FXOpen account. Taking into account only rebate from these account…

It will be as such…

Alpari May 2010

FXOpen May 2010

I must say I was not happy with my Alpari account and corrective action has been taken. So.. .I can only say that every little rebate helps.

Oh…. and of the main contributor to my down side of Forex Bling… which I have taken out of my account. It seems that it does not ‘Bling’ for me any longer. Sigghh… NEXT….

As for my FXOpen account…. My Lovely Megan seems to be making strands. Lovely 10% gain this month. But… I try not to speak too soon. Things could happen. And I hope that all the backtesting results proved that this strategy will hold for as long as it can.

So for the month of May… I am somewhat please. My aim for June will be to see if there is any other strategy I can employ to help recoup or rebuild my ailing Alpari account

Casey Rebate Strategy

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Seeing how I have gotten my rebate for my months activity I though I will share this with you. I previously wrote about forex rebates (Rocking Rebate) and pointed out with obvious fact that rebate improves my profits.

Now I want to show you how by simply just creating some turnover on an account with small drawdowns and with a help of forex rebates, one can still come out profitable.

I will call this ‘Casey Rebate Strategy’. Since no one has ever documented this strategy. I believe I have right to claim this as my strategy. Until and unless someone points out to me that this strategy has been around for ages… I am claiming this to be mine… :)

I have already posted two very scalpy strategy on my FXOpen account. One is my Silly Scalper where I put 6 EA trading on only EURCHF and my Royal Rumble where I put 3 EA trading on 4 currency pair EURGBP, GBPCHF, USDCHF, USDCAD.

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Bling Me Baby One More Time

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Sung by the song by Britney Spears “Baby One More Time”

[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling,

[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
How was I supposed to know
That everything is all right here
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
I should have wrote this long ago
And now it seem like the right, time
Show me, what can my account be
Tell me b-ling
‘Cause I need to know now
What I’ve got

Spears in the schoolgirl outfit in the
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All my drawdowns are killing me (And I…)
I must confess, that this is $hit (this is $hit…. )
When I’m see small LOSSES I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Bling Me Baby One More Time!

Oh b-ling, b-ling,
The reason I fol-lowed you
Boy be-cause I bought you
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Because you cost me money
Show me, how my PROFITS can be
Tell me b-ling
‘Cause I need to know now what to do

[Repeat CHORUS]
All my PROFITS are very small (And I…)
I must confess, that this can’t be (this can’t be…)
I paid $99 bucks every 3 months
Give me a sign
How to Bling this Back to Life!

Oh Forex, b-ling,
[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling, (Ah, yeah, yeah…)

[dam dam-dam dup]
Oh b-ling, b-ling,
What am I suppose to do

Oh Forex B-ling
I should have stop you so
I must confess, that my Profit sense
Is keeping me live….
That is why I still believe
That this will revive
By giving you time
Bling me baby one more time

[Repeat CHORUS]
All this lack-lusters are telling me (And so…)
So that is why, I feel the need (Feel the need…)
To take out Evolution and Freedom
Give me a sign
Will this Bling Me Back to Life!

I must confess that all that is left
Is EURO… G.. B.. P
Don’t you know I still believe
My Bolt and My Storm
Are the only ones left
Bling me baby one more time

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Cutting some Bling

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After some thought I finally decided to leave Cyborg as it is and focus on other things that I have in mind.

So in parallel, not only am I toying with old ideas, I had to take some time to really a closer look at Forex Bling. Since I was on the roll backtesting since two months ago… I thought it would be nice to backtest Forex Bling…but wait… You can’t backtest Forex Bling’s EA…

The EA or developer does not seem to have written the code in such a way that would allow end users to backtest it… pretty $hitty no? Something to do with the dll files that pings back to their server…

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Bling Bling Bonanza

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LONDON - DECEMBER 05:  Christie's employee Bec...
Let’s have a look shall we?

Getting back into the momentum is difficult… As I was taking my break, I only left two EA running. Forex Bling and also Cyborg EA… while I am still running some backtest on Cyborg, I thought it would be nice to update my escapade with Forex Bling.

I must say the Forex Bling creator has put a lot of hard work into developing these package. I mean take a look at the afford they put into ensuring that their EA works on all broker… whether live or demo… they wanted to show or rather prove that their EA work on all broker.

But I guess the most important thing is not the results that they are getting… what better way to verify their results than posting my own results right??

So here goes…

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Diamonds Are Forever

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Muahaha… just bought a new toy! This EA was just released on Monday…

Well… it has been a while since I have heard of new EA… Or rather it has been a while since I started searching around for new EAs. I guess there are no new hyped up, email spamming EA, insane backtesting profits EA flying around. The last much publicize EA was IVYBot…

Anyway… about a week or two ago, I got an email unexpectedly from an EA developer from Singapore. He was about to launch his new EA package call forex bling. He wrote to me seeking to work with me to launch his new EA… I never really got to it until a week ago when I took a deeper look.

The new EA that was being released was Forex Bling.

What better way to indulge myself with Megan… I mean with my martingale escapade than getting a diamond that goes bling bling. Read the rest of this entry »