Martingale Mania I ~ The Beginning

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Well… since I have time on my hand because I have kinda stop trading… I thought I would put down my thoughts about Martingale. While I do mentioned a lot base on my experience with Best Forex Sniper, I believe this should apply to any Martingale system.

Since toying around with Martingale system, I always thought that Martingale was the name of the person who well… founded the Martingale system. But after doing some research… it seems that no one knows how did the name Martingale came about.

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Even in Wikipedia, there are two articles on Martingale which were relevant… Martingale (probability theory) and Martingale (betting strategy) never actually mentioned a person call Martingale who founded this Martingale theory.

I guess Martingale is left to our own imagination of who or what this word represent… :) For me… it’s Megan…

Anyway… for forex. The first time I encounter a Martingale system is with Forex Funnel. I never actually toyed around with it because I knew the danger of it. I was very afraid of how it will kill off once account balance.

It was until I got my hands on Cyborg did I started to venture into Martingale system for forex. Seeing how silly scalping can be at times… I thought maybe Martingale could work in forex… I wrote a piece a long time ago ‘Martingale Strategy‘ and still think that it would work because of price retracing back/ Fibonacci Retraction principles.
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Fed Ex Came to Call

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It was very nice of a lot of people asking me what happened to me, when I was out of action since Tuesday… after my last post… I think a lot of them think that I splurge out post after post within a day or two without missing a beat…

So many thanks for your concern… I have been a busy bee I tell you… Well… not only was I busy thinking… but also busy planning… You see, after the discovery of Forex Transformer, Espionage, Conqueror… (which took me a few days to compose by the way) I had to reorganize my operation Euro Blitzkrieg…which I hope to write on my next post after this one…

Anyway, on top of reorganizing… I had to pull myself off the celling… I got a surprise email from FedX… :)
Fedora FX

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Martingale Strategy

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This first order of business when I started to do backtesting was to backtest Cyborg EA. On top of that, I was also backtesting another EA PipMaker V3.15… (Open source edited to include Martingale Strategy)

Now PipMaker was a tough sucker to backtest. Why? Because it took like 2 hours just to backtest one currency pair… And it was not from 1999 till todate. It was from 01/01/2008 till 29/05/2009… My gawd! And I was backtesting it on both broker… Interbank and Alpari. Two of what I would say my main account.

Anyway… it was pretty interesting. Before I dive into the actual backtesting results. I wanted to express my view on Martingale Strategy.

Martingale system has been widely used in casino but I have never come across it until a few months back when I was looking into Forex Funnel. Did not dive into it until I got Cyborg EA. And did not backtest it until well…. last week when my penpal forwarded to me PipMaker V3.15

Martingale stategy is a really scary strategy. In casino using Martingale startegy, you double up your bet just to win 1 credit… This strategy was mostly used in Roulette playing black/red. You double up your bet when you lose your initial bet and continue to double up until you hit a win.

And you only win 1 credit… Here is a clearer explaination on wikipedia… Martingale Betting System .

And here is my personal experiences with casino roulette systems … (What can I say… I just love gambling) :)

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