Keeping A Secret

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Ok… I have to admit. I lied in my previous post with regards to cooling off and about reseting and rebooting my automatic trading activities. Kinda screwed up what I plan for August…

But there is a reason for it…. Well, last month I kept a secret from you all. I was secretly testing an EA. Have a look at this…

IBFXJuly09aSorry… I did not insert my statement here…

This graph was from my IBFX account which I had set aside for Fedora FX due to hedging issues, I needed to create another account so that it does not messed with my main account which was using Cyborg.

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Win a Lottery!!

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I guess I strike it rich this time!! Just after a few days after Fedora FX requested my assistance to review their EA. I got another requests.

EGO Boost My… my… am I that popular?

Let me pump up my ego a bit here and savior this new found fame…

Hah… I can continue to keep dreaming. Once is a fluke, the second time is a coincidences. Maybe when I get request day in day out can I proclaim that I am popular… Now that’s a thought.

But I must say, I did not start this blog for it to become a review site. I started this blog because I WANT TO MAKE MONEY FROM FOREX! Hmmm that did not sound right.. I think I started this blog to share my experiences with trading forex EA and of course the journey which I encounter in forex trading.

Sighh… but my performances does not seem to reflect that. I guess I stand a better chance at winning a lottery than trading forex. But I must persist…. move forward…

Oh… sorry… I think I have missed the point of this post.  Anyway… I am again honored that someone had requested me to test and write a review on their EA…

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Fedora FX

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Having backtested Fedora FX… I thought it would be a good idea to send back my result to Tom first and allow him to comment on it first before I write my ‘low down dirty Shane’ about it.

Tom has given me two EA, one of it is for GBPUSD which the performances is being advertising on his site while the other EA was for USDCAD. So I started with GBPUSD, while backtesting result for GBPUSD was excellent from 2008 to May 2009..

(Click on graph to view statement)

Fedora FX

Much needs to be said for USDCAD…

Fedora FX

So discarding USDCAD… I push the backtesting results for GBPUSD to 1999… And I was pretty sad with the results

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Fed Ex Came to Call

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It was very nice of a lot of people asking me what happened to me, when I was out of action since Tuesday… after my last post… I think a lot of them think that I splurge out post after post within a day or two without missing a beat…

So many thanks for your concern… I have been a busy bee I tell you… Well… not only was I busy thinking… but also busy planning… You see, after the discovery of Forex Transformer, Espionage, Conqueror… (which took me a few days to compose by the way) I had to reorganize my operation Euro Blitzkrieg…which I hope to write on my next post after this one…

Anyway, on top of reorganizing… I had to pull myself off the celling… I got a surprise email from FedX… :)
Fedora FX

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