Diamonds Are Forever

Filed Under (EA System, Journal) by Casey on 08-09-2009

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Muahaha… just bought a new toy! This EA was just released on Monday…

Well… it has been a while since I have heard of new EA… Or rather it has been a while since I started searching around for new EAs. I guess there are no new hyped up, email spamming EA, insane backtesting profits EA flying around. The last much publicize EA was IVYBot…

Anyway… about a week or two ago, I got an email unexpectedly from an EA developer from Singapore. He was about to launch his new EA package call forex bling. He wrote to me seeking to work with me to launch his new EA… I never really got to it until a week ago when I took a deeper look.

The new EA that was being released was Forex Bling.

What better way to indulge myself with Megan… I mean with my martingale escapade than getting a diamond that goes bling bling. Read the rest of this entry »