Debunking a Forex EA Myth

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By the way... Kari Bryon from MythBuster is HOT!!

Well… I have known this all along but never really dedicated my thoughts into this until today. I want to share on this blog how using automatic forex robot, forex expert advisor, forex ea, forex blah blah blah… does not totally ELIMINATE emotion in your forex trading!!

A lot of sites or rather sales sites says that trading with an automatic forex robot removes emotion in your trading. Well… that is partially true. One does not have to directly trade the market or hesitate to pull the buy or sell trigger when the signal is right. Hmmm… I think I have written about this before… but what the heck… does not hurt to remind myself again…

Anyway… there is still an emotion that has to be dealt with which is before setting the forex ea to work and after setting the forex ea to work.

Before we set the ea to work… what are the emotions involve. Well… both greed and fear still takes place. That is when we decide how many lots or how much % of risk the robot would trade, or even if we want to decide if we are going to use the owner’s default settings.

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Monthly Update ~ July 10 & Aug 10

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Well… I owe this blog two months of update. So here it goes…

While my FXOpen account continue to hold my Alpari account seems to be doing a see saw on me. That was due to PipMiner. I gave Pipminer another chances to shine on my account and it did… but it also took a big swipe on my account once again.

And with a big swish-swish… I gave back what I took back in January.

On an ever high note… It seems that my monthly dividend is still making me some good return.

Now, let’s take a good detail look at what happened on all my accounts. (01 July 2010 – 31 Aug 2010)

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