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This has long been sitting in my folder and have yet to do anything about this. So I thought I would start…

Jakob Dupont wrote to me a few weeks ago asking me if I could do a review on his ebook which he is about to release. This was also about the same time that Prime Kain affair got the best of my attention. Anyway… if you are not sure who Jakob is… he is the owner of I have him on my blogroll since ages.

He was releasing his ebook just before the Chinese New Year week and I told him that it would try to do a review before the launch date. But my apologies as I myself have been swamp not only with work but also with my family holiday affair (CNY is a big thing to us Chinese)

I think now, would be a good time to start writing about it. He say he wanted my honest review. I will try but before I continue… Just want to apologies to Jakob in advance if in any way this might hurt… :) I don’t think it will so hope you still keep me in your blog roll.

Jakob came up with an ebook call Forex Hacking. Now don’t be confuse with Forex Hacked which is a Forex EA in collaboration with Masyuk EA. A martingale EA which you can not find the latest version but probably be able to find the older version.

Anyway… let’s get back to the topic at hand Forex Hacking…

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Stop! Before You Continue…

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This is the bomb ye’all… I have to thanks Kirk for leading me to this link…

Before anyone or everyone wants to start pursuing automatic trading… everyone should read this. Kirk lead me to read about this guys site Review Everything Forex owned by a Daniel Fernandez. I believe he is a veteran to all these automatic trading stuff seeing how he has started the site 2 years back…

reviewevforexI have not fully read his articles yet, but the first impression was that, he reviews EA or rather websites on his site without any fancy pancy blah blah like mine… his site is straight forward, clean and straight to the point.

This guys is going into my blog roll… a site worth looking at.

However… his site is not what I wanted to point to you guys… rather it is his ebook that he has written.

Automated Trading in the Forex market : A Trader’s Guide to Success

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