The Legend Continues…

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Since now I have some free time, I owe Cacus a detail post about his rip-off EA.

I have to admit that I had to take a bit more time to really study this topic. It was a few months ago that I kind of stop these sort of ‘detective’ work. While it was good for my blog it was not so for my live account.

It was one or the other. Talking about scamming EA really boosted my traffic to the site. It was good and exciting to see an instant traffic surge to my site. And of course to keep up with the traffic expectation, I continue to dive into my ‘detective’ work only to find out that the my live account wasn’t as exciting as it should be.

So, I took a decision to stop or maybe cut down on these sort of work and focus on EA that makes sense to me rather than ranting about EA that is full of $hit. I must say… that was a decision I am glad that I made. Too much effort needs to be taken to do some research… and I though I would rather use these effort to improve my account balance.

Anyway… the industry seem to be able to regulate themselves with regards to rip-off EA. So why bother…

However… as a favor to Cacus who supports my site, I though the least I could do is put some effort in finding out the truth in all this.

So here is what I found….

Forex Legend offers two EA one is a scalper while the other is a trend EA.

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The Royal Affair

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While I was cleaning and organizing my accounts… I finally got the time to really take a look at where I left off with Prime vs Kain and my Royal Rumble affair. It’s a bit difficult to see it on my previous live account since I dump all of the EA into one single account.

Nevertheless… the one very important tool which I will start and continue to use it very frequently is my Trade Analyzer by Easy-EA.

Furthermore, my royal rumble does not seem to be rumbling well… Argh… either these EA are pieces of $hit… or it is having one of those days… or the broker is just plain manure…

Screenshot from Royal Rumble

Ugly huh… Anyway, that is not what I wanted to analyze here.

On my first post on Prime vs Kain… I mention that Prime was firing up a few more shots than Kain. By the way… EAKain that I was using was their demo version, which was a copy of MegaDroid in which I renamed it ScalperPro. So after two months… let’s see how both of these two EA fair… Read the rest of this entry »

Secret Project Reveal ~ Part 2

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Allow me now to proceed with Part 2 of my secret project. We start off by a look at my account.

Stunning huh…

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Casey Rebate Strategy

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Seeing how I have gotten my rebate for my months activity I though I will share this with you. I previously wrote about forex rebates (Rocking Rebate) and pointed out with obvious fact that rebate improves my profits.

Now I want to show you how by simply just creating some turnover on an account with small drawdowns and with a help of forex rebates, one can still come out profitable.

I will call this ‘Casey Rebate Strategy’. Since no one has ever documented this strategy. I believe I have right to claim this as my strategy. Until and unless someone points out to me that this strategy has been around for ages… I am claiming this to be mine… :)

I have already posted two very scalpy strategy on my FXOpen account. One is my Silly Scalper where I put 6 EA trading on only EURCHF and my Royal Rumble where I put 3 EA trading on 4 currency pair EURGBP, GBPCHF, USDCHF, USDCAD.

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Failed Invasion

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Before I close my first quarter for 2010, I thought I should pen this down. I have been putting this off for quite sometime. It all started a long time ago that I did an experiment which I had name it EURO Blitzkrieg.

It was something like my Silly Scalping where I pit all the EA that traded EURCHF on one platform or one account. With Euro Blitzkrieg, I pitted all the EA that traded EURUSD.

From my previous invasion of EURUSD, it was a failed attempted.

And it took me about a few months to re conceptualize this idea. And so in the beginning of this year. I restarted my second wave to push through my battle with EURUSD.

I had attempted initially with PipMiner and ForexBrokerBuster but FBB was neither going here nor there and on top of that FBB was said to be a clone or rather a copy EA of another free EA. (Don’t really want to go in detail with regards to this anymore). I stopped FBB not because it had a drawdown, but it seems to not perform as expected.

The invasion began with a very strong results. But drawdowns from FBB made me stop it last month. And pitted ScalperPro and Primeval on my list.

Unfortunately, the next buster was PipMiner, the drawdown was heavier than FBB. It reminded me of EuroBlaster, where it takes 4 position and scalping profits but large stop loss. Same concept but different name.

And so… with that I only have two small minions trying to push EURUSD through…

Sighh….. Maybe I should give FBB another shot.

The sharp drawdown is mainly due to PipMiner… And nothing else. If experiences have proved to me what needs to be done, is to take out the EA that is just too risky. I believe PipMiner is one of them.

And so… goes my failed invasion….

Royal Rumble

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Initially I wanted to entitle this post as “My Karmic Affair Part 4285” but thought seeing how things have changed over the past weeks I decided to rename the title of this post as “Royal Rumble”

Before I continue with my story… Take a look at this myfxbook chart.

Once upon a time in December 2009, I started to notice FAPTurbo again on my favorite lead site The gains seems to be mighty interesting like to rose blossoming in the sun. Obviously I had assume that Zeno has been running this EA for since the rave days of FAPTurbo. So I thought it would be interesting again to rekindle my karmic bond with FAPTurbo.

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Prime vs Kain

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Here is a quick post…

After I wrote about Primeval, I set this sucker live on one of my old account with was sitting somewhere in space. Due to funding my broker was the reason why I need to put both these EA on one accout.

Anyway… I had to use Trade Analyzer to split by EA and by currency pair. Here is a quick snapshot

EAKain (Demo version or clone to MD)



Primeval seems to have fired up a few shots as compared to Kain…

It’s still early to tell… since the data was from 24 Feb 2010.

Prime Suspect

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Long before I gotten the email from EAKAIN, I actually got an email from the developer of Primeval himself… Now… it took me quite some time to get this going… I started off by asking him if he would put his states on myfxbook… And he did…

(Had to include a snapshot rather than a direct link because if this system is deleted so is this graph. If you don’t see any graph below means that it has been deleted. Therefore, just click on the image above to see if the owner has any other new publish graph to show)

And as you can see… pretty amazing huh… I was relatively impress with it… I guess one of the reason why some people think that EAKAIN is Primeval… because not only is it a scalper that is shown here but also the currency pair that is trade is very same with an exception of GBPUSD which Primeval supports

Now Sergio was kind enough to forward to me a copy after I begged him… It was right about the same time when I was digging up dirt on EAKAIN… So at the same time, I also did my digging of Primeval and how to do this? Well… by begging of course… :)

Sorry Sergio… but I had to decompile to have a look at the codes. There were a lot of talks that Primeval is the same as EAKain which is the same as MegaDroid and knowing me I just had to know…

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Seeking Closure

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How I wish I have 30 hours 9 days rather than 24 hours 7 days…. Sighhh………

Ok… time for me to close this chapter and move on… So many things to do so little time.

In summary, EAKain says that their demo version is not the same as their original version. Which was clearly a very misleading tactic to potential clients by EAKain. Then again these Mario Brothers have been doing all this $hit all along since a while back and they kind of admit to it…

They state that they have followed some blah blah strategy that Megadroid has employed… Thus, their demo version and original ‘sales’ version is different in a coding but some similarity in the idea…

Huh?!?!? What the hell does it mean….

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And the Story Continues…

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It is a Chinese Custom to complete or solve any outstanding issues before ushering the Chinese New Year…  But in reality it’s not simple… I maybe a Chinese but logic at times rule my thoughts a bit more… And I believe the logic of solving your problem before the Chinese New Year is so that it does not eat your thoughts while you celebrate and welcome the new year…

I had a great new year holiday, even while I have not actually concluded my chapter with EAKAIN.

So… I am taking this opportunity to close this chapter… ok maybe not close this chapter but to clarify what went on before Chinese New Year and why I had to do some amendments to my original post Holy Balony Batman!

I am going to start off by an email sent to be and the reply and the ding dong that went along with it… (If you are not into drama then I guess you can skip this post… :) ) Read the rest of this entry »