Perfomances As Of End July 09

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So… what else can I say… I have still not successfully claimed my place in the automatic forex world. It is sad… really sad. But I can not give up.

After my ranting a few days ago. This is my forex position at the end of July 09


What was filled with hope ended with dismay… Four months of continuous lost. Not good… not good at all…

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Awesome Analyzer!

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Wow… if there is a useful EA that one needs to have, then you got to have this man…

Call me ignorant… but I have not scout around the forum long enough to really look for an EA such as this.

Ok… it’s not an EA per say but it’s more like a tool.  After I publish my previous article “Rem”ing the Brake on Xtreme Turbo, Jeremy for (Winalot and EAzeGor) read it and though it would be great for me to have his Trade Analyzer.

You wouldn’t believe how grateful I was… This really neat piece of tool which actually help me to filter my trades as per my post below in a more comprehensive manner….

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“Rem”ing The Brake On Xtreme Turbo

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Since Alpari was my worst performances for three consecutive months. Corrective action needs to be taken… Now before I ran my band of Euro brothers, and’s EA… I had three main scalping EA on this account. Mainly, FAPTurbo, RemExpert and Xtreme (both EURGBP and EURCHF)

Because these are scalping EAs… there have taken quite a lot of trades amongst themselves and thus, it was kinda difficult to see how well they performed. So with no other option… I had get down on my knees and start to disect my statement and analyze throughly what and how these three EA are doing.

So… what I did was I downloaded my statement from beginning of April 09 till end of June 09 since it was these period that I took a $hit load of losses. It was not easy…. but after painstaking toying around with my spreadsheet and I manage to get this out…

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Winalot And EAezGor

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it… Win a lot and EA ezGor on the loose!!

Ok… lousy opening… but one just try to make it interesting no??

Anyway… finally… after days of testing and re testing I got some results out… Some EA can be really difficult to backtest you know. Some are pretty easy. Don’t know if it’s the coding or not… but Winalot and especially EAezGor took like forever to complete some backtest…

I wanted to stretch the backtest from 1999 but somehow or rather… my MT4 crashed….  I think this is because I was backtesting on my laptop and not on my PC. Yeah I know these sort of backtesting exercise should be done on the PC rather than a laptop but because I am constantly on the go, I work on a laptop more rather than a desktop. If it was a desktop while it is good, I have to run back and forth to test it and check if it’s done or not. blah blah blah…

Enough about my problems…

Let’s get down to some juicy part of this post shall we?

As usual I would run back testing since 2008… for both these two EA and below are the results (Click on graph to view statement)


For EAezGor… I did only 2009 because it took so long … (Warning: the backtesting results file is pretty big for only 2009 results)


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Win a Lottery!!

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I guess I strike it rich this time!! Just after a few days after Fedora FX requested my assistance to review their EA. I got another requests.

EGO Boost My… my… am I that popular?

Let me pump up my ego a bit here and savior this new found fame…

Hah… I can continue to keep dreaming. Once is a fluke, the second time is a coincidences. Maybe when I get request day in day out can I proclaim that I am popular… Now that’s a thought.

But I must say, I did not start this blog for it to become a review site. I started this blog because I WANT TO MAKE MONEY FROM FOREX! Hmmm that did not sound right.. I think I started this blog to share my experiences with trading forex EA and of course the journey which I encounter in forex trading.

Sighh… but my performances does not seem to reflect that. I guess I stand a better chance at winning a lottery than trading forex. But I must persist…. move forward…

Oh… sorry… I think I have missed the point of this post.  Anyway… I am again honored that someone had requested me to test and write a review on their EA…

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