Dumb Dumb

Filed Under (EA System, Journal) by Casey on 14-01-2009

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As I mentioned in my previous post. I made on embarassing error which caused me to lose almost half of my

money in my trading account. No doubt it was small, but still it was significant enough to have made me feel so ashamed until I to stop posting on my blog.

You see, I was using WSS. And within WSS (Winning Solution System) EA there were two other EA which drew a lot of good comments. I can’t remember what the name of the EA was but I did one terrible thing that could not unforgiven, either auto or manual trading.

I did not backtest it before putting it live! Plus I did not learn more about the settings of the EA before putting it live.

It was dumb and dumber sort of way to trade.

This was what f@@@ my account up. Thinking or rather writing about it makes me very upset and angry at myself for doing such a dumb dumb move.

Well,  it was a lesson learned and I have been very careful with the EA I put on the chart. This is what happens when you have 3 different broker and 10s of EA running with more than 30 chart open all together.