Automatic Trading VS Manual Trading

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My thoughts continue to drive towards automatic trading and manual trading.

The debate goes in such a way that manual trading will ultimately rule over automatic trading. A lot of the community believes that manual trading is the way to profit and not automatic trading.

Straining my brains to understand why? I believe the answer is this simple, the market is a one big dynamic organism. It changes, rules and variables and whatever not… changes. If you believe in past, present and future, cause and effect philosophy… then you will understand why forex or people who sells product or software on ways to make money put a disclaimer on their websites.

‘The past makes the present and the present makes the future’

So past performances earnings does not necessarily mean the same earnings in the future. That is what they are saying in their disclaimer.

Coming back… Manual traders have an upper hand. Because they are involve in the market directly, they can adapt quickly when the market changes. Robots are dumb programs that follows a set of guidelines… in IT words… a set of programing.

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Forex Rising

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Ok… back to some real searching and reporting.

As the title suggest, I have tested Forex Rising out on Demo for the last two week. And I must say I am very impress but also slightly disappointed.

Impress on it’s execution and profits, disappointed that it could not be more…. :)

Forex Rising was a buzz on some of the forums. And now I know why…

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Backtest Bummer

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I seem to be having trouble backtesting… Over the past few days I have been browsing forums and a lot of members seems to think that backtesting is not a good way to find out if an EA works or not.

They seem to say and a lot of other places seems to echo this sentiments. ‘EA are being programmed and back tested to "curve fit" to work with historical market data’

But isn’t that how a strategy is suppose to be tested to know if their guidelines and parameters work?

How else will you be able to test out your strategy?

The debate and goes back and forth does not help me to decide if I should continue to backtest an EA before I spend time demo testing the EA….

Or even put faith in an EA before I purchased it.

That was how I bought EA Shark and EA FAPTurbo. While EA Shark showed promised, forward testing wise did not yield me good results… Only FAPTurbo was more successful

Piptronic was aquired free, it’s backtesting was great but forward testing was a failure because of the big drawdown. Forex Rising also seems to look good but have not testing it out yet…

On top of that, most broker does not allow data download anymore via MT4. I have to download from a server and then import it into my MT4…

So what am I to do? Continue with my principle that each EA needs to be backtested before forward testing it? Now I am only human and I sometimes bend my principle to find my convenience …

With only 24 hrs a day… I need to bend it… But this is a trait that suggest that if I don’t follow my principles, it will be very difficult for me to be a successful forex trader. But why should I want to be a successful trader when I have robots that may or may not perform well for me?

Ok… that’s another post I will leave for next time. But I believe I need to review my principle to backtest an EA before demoing…

There are a few monitoring EA sites, which I can use it as a basis to justify my own curiosity to demo test it myself. So that might cut the corner of backtesting each EA that seems interesting…

Hmmmm…. that’s a thought….

EA Shark Build 4.0 Ultimate

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I finally uploaded this EA on my download page. I also uploaded my modified version of EA Shark. Ok… not modified but rather I was trying to crack this EA.

Actually this was a really good experiences for me. You see, I do not know much about coding MQL. This was a great way for me to get my hands dirty and see what I could do with it. At least now I know what some functions does.

Anyway coming back to this crack version. As I mention before EA Shark Build 4.0 has one of the first I have encountered uncrackable EA. And it’s true. The dll files hides some of the functions, INCLUDING CHECKING FOR A VALID LICENSE TO THE EA.

It took me awhile but I manage to work it around.

There was another DLL funtion which I though that could be important to the whole new Build it was the Trade dll files while I was able to crack it into two an ex4 and mqh file….

I am still learning what all this means, but for a newbie MQL programmer I absolutely know how this works.

It will take time to learn but to learn it will be one of my objectives… :)

Well, see if anyone can make heads and tails out of this new build and hopefully share any interesting finds…

EA Shark Build 3.16

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I have uploaded the cracked version of EA Shark. This is the first EA I bought.

Again, this EA works tremendously well from 1999 to early 2008 (backtest) which was one of the reason why  I bought it. It tested really well and the forward test was also very promising.

But if you backtest it from 2008 to today. The test is really dissapointing. As you can see below. I guess the author knew of this and release the updated version EA Shark Build 4.0 to counter this.

But unfortunately, this build is pretty strong and seem uncrackable. One of the reason why you will not be able to find the crack version of this new build.

I do have the new build but unfortunately my license with them has expired. So I am unable to backtest the latest build.

I do have the source code for Build 4.0 and am trying to see if I can work around it to do a backtest. While I believe by manipulating the source code it would not be that accurate to see if the logic works the same way.

Anyhow, I have uploaded the EA Shark build 3.16 onto the download area.

Download Dilemma

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Well, with the download page up and not exactly running yet, I am force to think about what I am doing here.

To offer to share what I have aquired from the internet is puts me in a very funny position. You see, I have learn here and there about affiliate marketing, and god knows I am probably trying to make some small bucks here and there with this technique.

To share what I have especially Forex EA means to close down the door of marketing products on my site.

But in the first place, what is my site all about?

Searching for the Best Forex EA. I guess I am not here to sell anything rather to share.

Oh well, they say ‘When one door closes, another door would open’.

By the way, it does not mean I can’t do both…. :)

Most of my links would still be affilate links, so I do get something out of it, then good. If not, then it shouldn’t matter most.

Again, my objective is to look for the best forex ea around. And also possibly, put that best forex ea to good use on my live account to make me that spare change….

Hope you enjoy my download page. I have only uploaded EA Griffin from the fame of EA Shark. Not the best EA around, but it’s backtest from 1999 to early 2008 is interesting. Backtest it further to 2009 and you see like EA Shark, just took a plunge…

This is the unlock or rather decompiled version. You need to edit the source code in order to remove the license and expired date.

EA Griffin

Cracked EAs

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My lord!!

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days…

I found sites where they ‘share’ their EA or cracked EA online. Yes, Forex EA are crackable, don’t care what they say or try but most of the good EA are cracked and have been distributed around.

While I do not condone this… It must be said, most EA you find out there are not exactly workable or even profitable. So there is no point in downloading it.

Having said that, I am guilty of downloading some of the EA which I did not purchased. The ‘curiousity’ got to me. I am just being human… But am really contemplating on whether I should post it on my site…. hmmm…. Well, let me put more thought into this…

I also notice that there is a cracked FAP Turbo available on the internet. It was interesting to look into the source code. Unfortunately, I am not programming savvy to understand what this is all about, but one things for sure the ID is still required.

So unless you are pretty good at identifing how to work around it. It is pretty useless even if you download it.

On top of that, most of the cracked EA online are out dated. Most if not all the EA author does update their EA in order to keep their EA current and hopefully provided an improved version.

Take EA Shark for example. When they upgraded it to EA Shark Build 4.0. It was terrible…. it did not take any trade for me for quite some time during the ‘volitile’ period as the author written to me.

While his EA proved to be very interesting backtested wise. The forward result does not seem to be very interesting…

Having said that, one of the things I need to do is to retest my old EA version both back testing and forward test it in a demo account.

Any hooo….. an improvment to the EA or rather an upgrade to the EA does not necessarily prove profitable as I have experiences with EA Shark. But that does not mean that the other EA upgrade would be the same *fingers crossed* ie FAP Turbo…

Not all Broker Are Created Equal

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When it comes to EA, not all broker are created equal.

Why do I say that, I realize that one EA may work very well on one broker while the same EA on another broker would perform very badly.

I think it has something to do with the spread or slippage from one broker to another on the same period of time.

A case to note was EA Shark and EA Griffin. While it make take a trade on FXDD but it will not take a trade on my Interbank account.

Well, this was one of the reason why I gave up on EA Shark and Griffin. Anyway… that will be another story to write about.

I believe that if you are wanting to buy an EA, see what broker that they are using their EA on to show backtesting and forward testing proof. And if you have an account with the same broker than it would not hurt to try.

But if you have a different broker, then I think you really need to think twice.

Most EA composer/author would sell you their EA and affiliate themselves with one ‘Out of the Blues’ broker and start upselling you that broker… While I am all for affiliate don’t you think you should owe it to your customer to sell them the broker which you use your EA to back test and forward test?

Sighh… some people just miss the point on trying to milk more money from your customers.

Anyway, one of the reason I really mess up my account was because of that, some EA are not meant to work on certain broker to produce the kind of profits that one is looking at on an EA.

More about messing up my broker account soon… And one of the mess up is really embarassing… hehe

My Forex EA…

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Ok… I guess it is about time I started my write about all my EA that I have bought. I have been so caught up with monitoring my EA performances that I forgotten to update my blog. Well I guess now it’s the time…

I have toying around with Forex EA since early this year and I have found a few EA that is pretty interesting. Unfortunately to know if an EA is really good, one have to test it live.

Now one of the reason why it should be tested live is because firstly not all demo account interact or execute the same way as a real live account. On top of that not all broker are created equal. Why do I say this? It is because I have tested one similar EA on two different broker and both does not execute the same order at the same time.

So while back testing and forward result could be a good indication that the Forex EA is reliable, it is in the execution on our part that would determine if the EA is good or not. So the two factors that really got to me is demo result and which broker should I use.

Oh and another thing…. TIME. Over the past few months, I have tested LIVE on a few different broker and I must say my result are very very bad…. Ok granted that I have mess around with the original settings, and did not really put it to a full 3 months tests to see if it is as realiable as it states. So one can not say that an EA is really bad until it at least ful fill a set or criteria no??

Anyway… here are the EA that I have bought and tested.

  1. EA Shark
  2. EA Griffin
  3. EA WSS (Winning Solutions System)
  4. EA Trendstuffer
  5. EA MTS (Forex Robot Trader)
  6. EA Touch the Sky
  7. EA AutoCashRobot
  8. EA AutoPilot
  9. EA Prophet
  10. EA Goldminer
  11. EA Tracer

Wow… never realize that I have so many EA and yet I have not really done well on my account…


Well, as I have said, it is more on the execution and I would probabily add that it is more me and anything else. I have never really proven it or taken it to test to see how well it is performing before jumping into another EA.

Out of all the EA, I am now currently running a few EA and be more consistent and try not to tweak the settings to see how well it perform over the next few months.

Oh well… start getting back to work and see if I can get good results with the EA that I have…