Forex Rising or is it PiptronicX

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I just publish a post about forex rising. I drafted it over the weekend and though of publishing later this week. But a Dr had somehow contacted me with regards to Forex Rising as he is following closely my live account especially on my FXDD account.

The Dr pointed and though me something new… :)

He though me that on any MT4 statement published, if you hover your mouse or cursor on the order number, you are able to extract the comments posted on each specific trade. That’s really neat… I did not know that.

And this is what he pointed out to me..

Go to forex rising page and then check out the result shown on it’s forward result with InstaForex ( Hover around the order number and you will get a pop-up saying PiptronicX.

Unfortunately my printscreen can not capture this event of the cursor popup. So I can not document this. Maybe this will show something.

So I was trying to find what this PiptronicX is all about. And it seems that piptronic release a new version Piptronic 2.0 version (can’t wait to demo test this out again) So again, I manage to get my hands on the updated version and was surprise to see that in the latest release Piptronic included Piptronic 1.0, 2.0 and PiptronicX.

Dum de dum… decompiled it and compare… And what do you know??

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Backtest Bummer

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I seem to be having trouble backtesting… Over the past few days I have been browsing forums and a lot of members seems to think that backtesting is not a good way to find out if an EA works or not.

They seem to say and a lot of other places seems to echo this sentiments. ‘EA are being programmed and back tested to "curve fit" to work with historical market data’

But isn’t that how a strategy is suppose to be tested to know if their guidelines and parameters work?

How else will you be able to test out your strategy?

The debate and goes back and forth does not help me to decide if I should continue to backtest an EA before I spend time demo testing the EA….

Or even put faith in an EA before I purchased it.

That was how I bought EA Shark and EA FAPTurbo. While EA Shark showed promised, forward testing wise did not yield me good results… Only FAPTurbo was more successful

Piptronic was aquired free, it’s backtesting was great but forward testing was a failure because of the big drawdown. Forex Rising also seems to look good but have not testing it out yet…

On top of that, most broker does not allow data download anymore via MT4. I have to download from a server and then import it into my MT4…

So what am I to do? Continue with my principle that each EA needs to be backtested before forward testing it? Now I am only human and I sometimes bend my principle to find my convenience …

With only 24 hrs a day… I need to bend it… But this is a trait that suggest that if I don’t follow my principles, it will be very difficult for me to be a successful forex trader. But why should I want to be a successful trader when I have robots that may or may not perform well for me?

Ok… that’s another post I will leave for next time. But I believe I need to review my principle to backtest an EA before demoing…

There are a few monitoring EA sites, which I can use it as a basis to justify my own curiosity to demo test it myself. So that might cut the corner of backtesting each EA that seems interesting…

Hmmmm…. that’s a thought….

The Same Feeling

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Yesterday was really stressful for me. I had this feeling sometime ago last year when I accidentally messed up my FXDD account. Well I posted it under ‘Dumb dumb

Anyway… this time round. I don’t think I should ignore this feeling.

Yesterday was a really bad day for me because I took a heavy loss. My account took a $85 loss and well, my Alpari account took a $60 loss. Total of $140… While it is normal for my Alpari account since I am taking on a bigger lot size vs a bigger equity. My FXDD account is different.

My FXDD account runs on a very small capital and the minimum lot is 0.1. Testing at that lot size for a very small account for is a grave mistake which I overlooked. I am running both my FAPTurbo (cracked) and Piptronic. Together the my loses came to about $85. That is what happens when one overtrade…. sighhh… even if I was trading with a robot. I really really need to money manage… By the way, I don’t turn on Money Management on the settings… :) I like to be in control.. but in this situation. My stupidity took control once again.

Anyway, I have to stop Piptronic since the stop loss is bigger than FAPTurbo. But I am still running Piptronic on a FXDD demo account just to see how it pans out. Maybe when my equity is much bigger, then maybe I’ll revisit Piptronic for my FXDD account.

On top of that, I am running Piptronic on my live Masterforex account. And results are pretty decent. So we shall see. I notice that piptronic in Masterforex does react the same way as my FXDD. About 80% of the trades are similar in timing. Maybe I should just focus Piptronic on Masterforex….

Geesss…. what a day… so stressful.

EA Piptronic & EA Xtreme Update

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Well, I won’t call this update. Rather an extension to my previous two posts ‘EA Piptronic ‘ and ‘EA Xtreme EURGBP ‘.

I manage to find my report on my old demo account. I have not really shown or share the reason behind why I stop demo-ing EA on a broker account. Fore instances, I only continue testing EA Piptronic on FXDD and Masterforex and stopped on Alpari and continue testing EA Xtreme on Alpari and stop testing on FXDD and Masterforex.

Well, this is the reason why. Just before my internet connection screwed up on me this was the results…

EA Piptronic on Alpari (Click graph/picture to see statement)

EA Xtreme on FXDD (Click graph/picture to see statement)

EA Xtreme on Masterforex (Click graph/picture to see statement)

So… I still believe not all broker are created equal. That is one of the reason why we really need to test the EA on your broker on a demo account before you put it live. And not all EA are stit. What works for one broker does not really work on another…

Be wary when you want to buy or purchase an EA. Check out what broker did they use to show not only their backtesting results but their forward testing results. If their broker used are not the same as yours then probably you might want to hold off on buying that EA. Until you are sure that it can work on your broker.

If the EA is sold under then probably that is a different story. You can buy it and demo test it out on your broker. If it does not perform as expected within 8 weeks then you can return the EA and request for a refund. If it does work then….


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Ok… this is another one of the most interesting EA I have come across… EA Xtreme EURGBP. If you visit their site you will see that it performances is really really outstanding… Good backtesting… and it is selling at $499 a pop!! This is how confident there were with this EA.

There were also posting forward tests… I was caught with this but at $499…. erm…. kinda hesitant. But luck has it I found the free copy over the internet… (Oh and Piptronic too was found free on the internet, I have uploaded both these EA) Don’t know if it was wise or not, but if you go to their sales site, you will see that they are selling not only the ex4 files but they will also GIVE TO YOU the source code for this EA. At $499… maybe it is worth it, but somehow or rather other some ppl were generous enough to float it free on the internet…

Anyway this version that I got over the internet could not be backtested. It has something to do with the dll files. So, I skipped the first procedure of backtesting till 1999. (The site has already posted this backtest. I guess I have to take their word for it) And dump it into all my broker. Unfortunately, again due to the misfortune of the 3 days internet disconnection, I manage only to salvage some results. And the results was EA Xtreme only works well only with Alpari…

Alpari (UK) (Click graph below to see detail demo forward testing statement)

So what else can I say, I ran this EA LIVE!!!

Rumor has it that this Xtreme is the backbone of FAPTurbo… but…. rumors could only be rumours or could it be true… I notice Xtreme only trades around the same time as FAPTurbo. And it is said that FAPTurbo only trade on low volume hour. Coincidently, that is what XTreme does. Both FAPTurbo and Xtreme trades the EURGBP pair, FAPTurbo trades an additional 3 pair. Lastly, both these EA trades very well with Alpari UK and not any of my other brokers account… COINCIDENCES? :)

Live Account
You will be able to identify the trades for this EA as I only traded 0.01 lots on my alpari account. If it proves profitable, then I would increase the lots…

EA Piptronic

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Ok… I have been testing out Piptronic for the past few weeks already. Both demo and live. By my own guideline, piptronic has actually passed my first test which is to backtest this EA since 1999.

(Click on graph to view backtest statement)

As you can see, the result is pretty much linear. Interesting no? This sort of graph is the same as the one I saw before which was EA Shark. My only concern was whether the dip around 2008 was the same sort of trend you see with EA Shark, that it does not seem to weather all market conditions. I can not explain this but can only assume that the data used for this backtesting was not exactly consistent.

Anyhow, this sort of a graph would obviously test my curiosity and see how it performs on a demo account. In the span of 2 weeks including the 3 days which my internet connection was broken, I found that piptronic works well with FXDD and Masterforex.

It was pretty impressive so I took the plunge and put it live on my FXDD and Masterforex account. But at the same time I continue to demo test Piptronic on both these brokers. Just to test consistency…

Anyway… below are the my demo account standing as of 18/03/09.

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