Download Dilemma

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 25-02-2009

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Well, with the download page up and not exactly running yet, I am force to think about what I am doing here.

To offer to share what I have aquired from the internet is puts me in a very funny position. You see, I have learn here and there about affiliate marketing, and god knows I am probably trying to make some small bucks here and there with this technique.

To share what I have especially Forex EA means to close down the door of marketing products on my site.

But in the first place, what is my site all about?

Searching for the Best Forex EA. I guess I am not here to sell anything rather to share.

Oh well, they say ‘When one door closes, another door would open’.

By the way, it does not mean I can’t do both…. :)

Most of my links would still be affilate links, so I do get something out of it, then good. If not, then it shouldn’t matter most.

Again, my objective is to look for the best forex ea around. And also possibly, put that best forex ea to good use on my live account to make me that spare change….

Hope you enjoy my download page. I have only uploaded EA Griffin from the fame of EA Shark. Not the best EA around, but it’s backtest from 1999 to early 2008 is interesting. Backtest it further to 2009 and you see like EA Shark, just took a plunge…

This is the unlock or rather decompiled version. You need to edit the source code in order to remove the license and expired date.

EA Griffin