Martingale Strategy

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This first order of business when I started to do backtesting was to backtest Cyborg EA. On top of that, I was also backtesting another EA PipMaker V3.15… (Open source edited to include Martingale Strategy)

Now PipMaker was a tough sucker to backtest. Why? Because it took like 2 hours just to backtest one currency pair… And it was not from 1999 till todate. It was from 01/01/2008 till 29/05/2009… My gawd! And I was backtesting it on both broker… Interbank and Alpari. Two of what I would say my main account.

Anyway… it was pretty interesting. Before I dive into the actual backtesting results. I wanted to express my view on Martingale Strategy.

Martingale system has been widely used in casino but I have never come across it until a few months back when I was looking into Forex Funnel. Did not dive into it until I got Cyborg EA. And did not backtest it until well…. last week when my penpal forwarded to me PipMaker V3.15

Martingale stategy is a really scary strategy. In casino using Martingale startegy, you double up your bet just to win 1 credit… This strategy was mostly used in Roulette playing black/red. You double up your bet when you lose your initial bet and continue to double up until you hit a win.

And you only win 1 credit… Here is a clearer explaination on wikipedia… Martingale Betting System .

And here is my personal experiences with casino roulette systems … (What can I say… I just love gambling) :)

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An Itchy Feeling…

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This is an itch that I just got to scratch… I wanted to stop all this BS after my last post and concentrate on the main reason why I set up this blog… I want to find the best EA and start profiting from it. Bad week this is and had to take some evasive action on my account if not it would be in deep sh!t again… I mean in terms of my equity balance that is…

But after browsing a few forums, it just confirm my cynicism about all this most of the EA you see on the market.

I mention before there was something not right about Forex Maestro and Forex Fantasy… now comes this new EA on the market… has confirmed that Forex Maestro is a SCAM . Firebird is the key to all of this… I believe Firebird is an EA worth checking out in more detail. It is performing very well… and best of all IT IS FREE!!!

And this a$$hole wanted to rip it off, rebrand it and try to profit from it by selling to other people when you can actually get FOR FREE. And he may have gotten away… But that is not the itch I want to scratch…

Anyway there is this new ea that is in the market……

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Performance as of End March 08

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Phew… really got it out of my chest…

Back to the how I am doing so far as of End March 09

As of End March 08 this is my standing…

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EA Piptronic

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Ok… I have been testing out Piptronic for the past few weeks already. Both demo and live. By my own guideline, piptronic has actually passed my first test which is to backtest this EA since 1999.

(Click on graph to view backtest statement)

As you can see, the result is pretty much linear. Interesting no? This sort of graph is the same as the one I saw before which was EA Shark. My only concern was whether the dip around 2008 was the same sort of trend you see with EA Shark, that it does not seem to weather all market conditions. I can not explain this but can only assume that the data used for this backtesting was not exactly consistent.

Anyhow, this sort of a graph would obviously test my curiosity and see how it performs on a demo account. In the span of 2 weeks including the 3 days which my internet connection was broken, I found that piptronic works well with FXDD and Masterforex.

It was pretty impressive so I took the plunge and put it live on my FXDD and Masterforex account. But at the same time I continue to demo test Piptronic on both these brokers. Just to test consistency…

Anyway… below are the my demo account standing as of 18/03/09.

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EA Firebird Driven

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Well, let me take the time to write up about this wonderful EA… I googled this and could not find it anywhere but in a forum. Apparently it was made by a guy (don’t know who) and he shared it with the forum community. After many discussion it somehow or rather evolve itself. Many EA seems to be using and improving this EA.

I am not in the technical know how to fully understand the potential of this EA and why is it so talked about. Forex Maestro seems to be using FireBird EA as it’s basis. The author has somehow manage to improve on it and resell it for a cool $197 a pop.

*I would make a lot of money if I knew programing*

Anyway… the point I want to share is this. After reading, browsing and skipping thread after thread in the forum and trying to understand what this EA is all about, I stumble upon this very interesting post. It was a post by a user ‘SamuraiPower’ in forum here (Post #2090). So what I did was I used Don’s template to identify the trend and then ‘Drive’ the EA as per what SamuraiPower suggested. Read the rest of this entry »