Who’s the Boss on FAP Expert?

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Update: 14 February 2011
Stopped all three demo



Broker: Alpari
Deposit: $2000
EA: EABoss, FAPTurbo, RemExpert

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Holy Balony Batman!

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Batman with his sidekick Robin. Painting by Al...

Huh… my muse ran dry today and I could not come up with a good script for part 2 of my guacamoly EA. Have to get straight to the point on this one…

I was just so amazed at what I found that I just could not think of a script to write… 😛

Anyway… first time was fun… second time was kind of hard work so not fun anymore. But… you guys don’t want to read about all this blah blah by Batman and Robin…

You guys/gals want to know what EA I am going to expose right here… right now. Correct?!

Ok… even if I am wrong… I am going to start with Robin’s gay story which never kicked off from the previous ‘episode’

About two weeks ago, I got this email from a site, very similar to mine. When I say similar I don’t mean in terms of contents but in terms of domain name.

My Domain name is BestForexEA.com where else, his/her domain name is BestEAForex.com (should I give him/her a link here?)

Well, this guy/gal… I would probably guess that it is a guy coz 99% of the time only guys will think of something like that… (If I am wrong, I guess you can sue me for gender discrimination… )

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A Deal Strucked

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Call it coincidences or whatever it maybe. Over the past few days has been pretty interesting. EA Boss, FAPTurbo and FPA. I must admit it was pretty interesting.

But my focus is still the bottom line in my live account . Wanted to post this but I was busy trying to get my demo running and my live account ready for this week. Added one or two new EA on my account… Now it is rock and roll time!!!

Anyway…. back to my main story. FAPTurbo contacted me a few days ago… We exchange an email or two…. And we agreed on somethings.

While I still doubt as to who are the guys behind FAPTurbo, I again will state that I do not doubt the product. I am currently using it and still using it. While it is not perfect these past month… I believe it would continue to make money. As long as I keep to the 2% rule, I should be alright.

Anyway, I propose a thing or two with them and they agreed. I in turn have to take down the open source code of FAPTurbo from my site.

I also told them the truth about me knowing how to crack their ID KEY. They did not bother. I would take that as they are alright with it. As long as I don’t distribute this ID KEY keygen.

So the deal was strucked between us… Funny huh how this goes… but who cares….

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Isn’t it Ironic

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I’m just so stressed, stressed, stressed.

Juggling between my day time job, family, forex trading, lossing money, winning money, update my site, replying to emails… Sigghhh…..

It’s a real pain at times at times when not everything are in sync.

Ok… I was just ranting up there. Now to my post. Oh before that, I was drafting a post but when I received this email I thought maybe this would be more interesting.

After FPA contacted me and release a news press on it’s forum


EA BOSS team contacted them and ask them to remove the posts. And will supply the open codes to them. So what FPA did was copied me and FAPTurbo abuse team and ask them to include us both into the discussion.

I was like “What?!?! Me and FAPTurbo abuse team?!?!”

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This Made My Day

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This is what I mostly do everyday… when possible that is. I would turn on my laptop, log in to my desktop to check my forex performance, make some notes and then check my email.

And I was surprise when I open up my email this morning. It was from FPA (ForexPeaceArmy.com ) with regards to my article on EA BOSS. Apparently my article was referred to by a nice person call Kev… (Thank  you Kev)

Anyway… this was what Bill(Assistant Moderator) and this is what he wrote

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When You Thought…

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When I started out this blog, I wrote that Forex EA would be a breeding ground for scammers. And I think I hit the nail with it. But on the other hand anything that has to do with internet is a breeding round for scammers… All you need to do is find the opportunity and exploit it to the max!

When you are good people will copy you… when I say copy I mean literally.

As time goes by, I seem to believe more and more that FAPTurbo is in it’s pure sense original. Why? Is it because it is popular or is it because FAPTurbo is indeed a profitable product.

If it was, then people would sure copy it. If it is not then… screw it. Let’s move on to the next EA.

What’s my point? Well… my point is, FAPTurbo is profitable. We just need to use it properly. It is profitable because people are actually coping it.

After stumbling upon REMExpert. I stumble upon this site. Ok.. I did not actually stumble upon this site. A visitor as usual ask me to decompile an EA. So I decompile it, saw the link and voila….

This is what I found….

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