Silly Scalping Part 2

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Well, last week was pretty tiring. Had to travel to beautiful Beijing on a business trip. Weather was cold but manageable. This was my first trip to Beijing, and I am just amaze by the sheer number of Chinese people per sq foot… :)

Apart for my business work, I manage to squeeze some time to walk about Beijing, take the subway, visit Tienanmen Square and of course taking a quick visit to the Olympic Bird Nest.

Amazing huh….

Ok… this blog is not a social blog, but hey a bit of social blogging should not hurt right… right… One photo of the Bird Nest does not exactly qualify this to be a social blog.

Anyway, during my trip to Beijing, I did not manage to get any forex activity done (directly that is), because internet control in China is pretty tight. Even facebook and twitter was ban in China. I did not know why until I google it and found these sites.

Here are some interesting read:

This is not something new, but laymen like me are so caught up with my own personal escapade that we turn out of be as ignorant as hell to what is happening in our big world. Read the rest of this entry »

The Cardinal Dragon

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I previously wrote about CardinalFX and how it is a clone of DragonPip… I was pretty amaze at their result a few days ago…

You see, I was toying around with this new MT4 stats site… It was a pretty awesome site but I will leave it for another day to talk about that…

Anyway, as I was browsing the site and checking out all the system that was displayed I came across this… Read the rest of this entry »

A Cardinal Sin

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Cloning an EA and improving it I believe would be a gift to all mankind… Cloning an EA, improving it and selling it… well that’s debatable… Cloning an EA WITHOUT any improvement what so ever is a cardinal sin in forex EA…

Don’t know about you guys but the third scenario in my books it is just not nice… It’s not nice to the original developer and it’s not fair to the end user… What this EA is, is a knock-off, reversed engineering and flogging it off with a missing letter to the brand… it’s like selling a knock-off shoe of adidas call adibas.

Anyway… here is my story… a few days ago I got an email from someone… he did not care to leave his/her name at the end of the email… asking me to test out his EA.

I thought like wow… that’s great. I thought I had regain back my reputation as a tester after months of losses on my account… so happily I downloaded the EA, upzip it and thought I would get to work right away…

To my surprise, this guy/gal send the files to me in mq4 format… I mean he/she send to me the raw source code!! Again I was wow-ed… save me the trouble of decompiling to just to see what was this EA all about…

To my surprise… it was a CLONE!

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The Caspian Sea

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A few weeks ago, someone asked me about Caspian EA. He told me that this EA looks to have potential… but the site was in Persian or Arabic and could not seem to understand what the site offers.

I took a deeper look at this EA just a few days ago… manage to get my hands on the EA and had a look at it…

I did a backtest on it and the result was very similar to the one of FAPTurbo and DragonPips on EURCHF

I was pretty impressive but I am also very curious… Currency pair characteristics or another clone?

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FAP My Dragon…

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This was another idea that I have been toying around on my head over the past few weeks. In the forums these days, FAPTurbo has been very quiet. I am sure with all the good and the bad experiences that have been floating around, plus new EAs that have been popping up… I believe a lot of people have put FAPTurbo in their KIV folder and not trade it at all…

The idea was that, if not many people are using FAPTurbo to scalp… then maybe there is a chance that FAPTurbo might be of use again…

Don’t know how far this truth is… but the myth is that if a bunch of people say 10,000 people were to use the same EA simultaneously, the number of execution at the same entry point is a known variable that would or might hinder the efficiency of a system… (The last I checked, FAPTurbo sales was over 10k but not sure what was the % returned)

Now… I do not know how true it is… some people say that is a reason why some system are rendered useless when a certain number amount of people start using the same system.

I am not going to clarify or verify this… I just use it as a reason to look into FAPTurbo once again…

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Perfomances As Of End July 09

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So… what else can I say… I have still not successfully claimed my place in the automatic forex world. It is sad… really sad. But I can not give up.

After my ranting a few days ago. This is my forex position at the end of July 09


What was filled with hope ended with dismay… Four months of continuous lost. Not good… not good at all…

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Simply Shocking

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shocker01I had previously did some testing on this EA, but never got around to write something about it…

Well I guess today would be a good day to do just that. Forex Shocker has already been around for sometime. Some people say it is a good EA some people say it is not.

Looking at it’s website it is not a shocker (pun intended) that it is a scalping EA…

Here we go again… another scalper. I thought to myself… Ok…. this could be fun. Why? Because if it does not work in the original mode… then I could probably reverse it…. :)

Either way now… I have options.

Anyway, let’s get back to the issue at hand. Let’s have a look at the backtesting results and see how well this EA will shock the forex world… Read the rest of this entry »

NFA ~ New Ruling Might be Worrying

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Since the first release of new regulations by the NFA on US brokers, I was a bit tad worried about my account with both IBFX and FXDD.

NFANFA is or had released these three new regulations…

* No Hedging
* First In First Out (FIFO)
* Not Allowing Stop Loss or Limit Order

Of all the three rulings release, it is the third rule that really got me really worried. But before I jump the guns… I had to find out what is it all about and what are the implications it will have on me. So I scour the internet and found this site is so far the best informative information about these new rulings.

FXStreet ~ Facing the New NFA Regulation

The articles and comments posted are and I believe to be big whale professional traders. Trading million dollar accounts. I am just an amateur trader.. small time punter, automatically trading the market, toying around with robots, which trade on mini and micro account with small amount of capital..

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Perfomances As Of End June 09

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It’s the time of the month again where I review my month end performances. But this time round I think I need to really look into this much more deeper. As June closes, it means half of the year has gone. So how did I fair? After numerous thoughts, and action change and philosophical ideals, did my performances changed?

Let’s have a look…


Last month I came out slightly better… and it seems that I am slowly moving out of the rut from a month end total lost of $417 in April to -$65 in May and profit of $20.90 in June 09. Just to note… I have to deduct $100 because I added another $100 into my FXDD account to start trading Forex Barometer.

Overall my last half month was a failure. I have taken myself back $225 from my objective to recoup my initial capital. I am really hoping to break even by the end of this year, which is my target and goal for 2009.

And once that is done, my target is to recoup my initial investments on buying all these forex EA by mid 2010. Subsequently start profiting after mid 2010.

Bold? I don’t know… but at least it’s a goal.

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Enter the Dragon

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DragonPipsYes… that is what I did with my FXOpen broker account. I went into the Dojo and tired to whip some pips ar$e with the Dragon. But… unfortunately, the outcome was not as exciting as the movie by Bruce Lee…

Well, two weeks ago, I stumble upon this statement on the forum. I was pretty impress by how he manage to turn his misfortune firstly via Enterra and then midway… changed it to DragonPips…

This guy confirmed that he was using his FXOpen account. So what else… like a monkey, I followed… :) And yes… I used it live. How can’t I not put this live? My FXOpen is a micro account. All I am earning are cents, surely the time spent on demo testing it on this broker would not justify the cents I could or could not be earning….

Ok… ok… for the sake of this blog. of my live account..  The least I could do is to backtest it. So now I shall produce my backtesting results… :)

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