Forex Crescendo

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Broker: FXOpen
Deposit: $200,000
EA: Forex Crescendo
Price: $149.00

Suppose to emulate my micro account. Thus this demo $200,000 should represent $2,000 if I were to put it live.

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I am Shameless…

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I have to admit here that I am shameless…

On my previous posts Shameless… Just Shameless…, I took a whack at the site owner without getting a clear picture. Maybe because I am numb to all these, maybe as some people would say experiences has caused me to be very cynical about this industry…

Anyway… after I posted the article above, I wrote to Don Steinitz and ask him about this site

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Shameless… Just Shameless…

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It’s Monday and I am not really sure whether to cry or to laugh at this…so I think I will do both

This industry has gone bonkers… I mean it has already been very crazy that cloned EA are being rebranded and sold for a quick profits… And to add to that, it has been crazy that it seems still that there are naive sheep that still fall for these sort of hyped up cloned EA…

Ok… it was wrong for me to make the last statement… I was once a naive sheep too… and it took me quite sometime to really look and learn about the ins and outs of the robot before realizing that this industry is crazy and I was a sucker…

Well, I cried as I took a deeper look at this new EA that was release I believe last week… No Loss Robot…


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An Itchy Feeling…

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This is an itch that I just got to scratch… I wanted to stop all this BS after my last post and concentrate on the main reason why I set up this blog… I want to find the best EA and start profiting from it. Bad week this is and had to take some evasive action on my account if not it would be in deep sh!t again… I mean in terms of my equity balance that is…

But after browsing a few forums, it just confirm my cynicism about all this most of the EA you see on the market.

I mention before there was something not right about Forex Maestro and Forex Fantasy… now comes this new EA on the market… has confirmed that Forex Maestro is a SCAM . Firebird is the key to all of this… I believe Firebird is an EA worth checking out in more detail. It is performing very well… and best of all IT IS FREE!!!

And this a$$hole wanted to rip it off, rebrand it and try to profit from it by selling to other people when you can actually get FOR FREE. And he may have gotten away… But that is not the itch I want to scratch…

Anyway there is this new ea that is in the market……

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Another Don Downer

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I caught this from the forum which again does not have any positive remark about Don Steintz’s EA… You be the judge…

He mentioned that manually monitor is pretty difficult which is what I am trying to do now. Manually drive the EA towards the direction of the daily trend.

This EA like Firebird, will only work on a nice trend period. For the past few trading days this EA has been doing very well because there seems to be a nice interesting directions for all currency pair. So, I am slowly clawing my way back to reclaim back my lost capital/equity.

But when it starts to become very choppy… I don’t know… but we shall see if I can steer this EA correctly.

Anyway… here is the link to the forum post .

EA Firebird Driven

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Well, let me take the time to write up about this wonderful EA… I googled this and could not find it anywhere but in a forum. Apparently it was made by a guy (don’t know who) and he shared it with the forum community. After many discussion it somehow or rather evolve itself. Many EA seems to be using and improving this EA.

I am not in the technical know how to fully understand the potential of this EA and why is it so talked about. Forex Maestro seems to be using FireBird EA as it’s basis. The author has somehow manage to improve on it and resell it for a cool $197 a pop.

*I would make a lot of money if I knew programing*

Anyway… the point I want to share is this. After reading, browsing and skipping thread after thread in the forum and trying to understand what this EA is all about, I stumble upon this very interesting post. It was a post by a user ‘SamuraiPower’ in forum here (Post #2090). So what I did was I used Don’s template to identify the trend and then ‘Drive’ the EA as per what SamuraiPower suggested. Read the rest of this entry »

Giving Up Don

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I have been seriously thinking about stopping Don’s MTF EA. It has not been yielding me very good results. It is a very complex system and it seems very difficult to understand or tweak. Don suggest that you don’t tweak it as the default settings has help yielded huge pips…

His result has been great but I can’t seem to emulate his results. I digged and digged right into this forum, and found out that HIS PERFORMANCES IS THE TOTAL TRADES HE TAKES IN PARALLEL OTHER THAN MTF EA!!!

Now I can’t really find where did he ever state this but this is what a long time Don EA users who has a blog on it says on his post here . This is a very clear misrepresentation on his website.

If you go to his forum here , you will come to understand that most of us (like me) thought that we were not doing it right. And so, we continue with our faith in this EA trying to understand where we did wrong. Correct it and hope to make the kind of pips that Don is making.

While some forum member thinks Don is not telling us the whole truth, the other half are great supporter of Don’s work.

Looking at how my IBFX account is doing, after what… 1 year of live testing and no profits to show for it, I think this is the best time to call it QUITS on Don’s EA… Screw it… It’s not whether I did it right or wrong.. This EA is too complex… to understand in the first place… I was taken by the fact that this EA was profitable until I really read James blog.

But at the same time, I may have found another use for Don’s EA… It has something to do with firebird EA. Did some research and will share with you on the next posts….

UPDATE: I have uploaded the newest version of Don’s EA on my download page… Happy trading this EA.

VPS Revisits…

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On my previous post ‘3 Quiet Days ‘ I mentioned that I was pretty serious about forex business and should consider VPS (Virtual Private Server) to ensure that I do not miss any potential profitable trades especially with FAPTurbo…

I have been away on a holiday these past few days, and was very fortunate that my desktop and internet connection did not screw on me and my EA was trading very well for me. Raking profits while I am on holiday… ahh… such is life.

But before I went on holiday, I did a lot of research on VPS had sometime for somemore personal thoughts about this. Why?

Well, that is because of the monthly fee that I am going to incur. The best VPS in terms of service and $$$ is VPSLAND.COM not only recommended by but also by a lot of other forex community of having a good service and price factor. Now $18 bucks per month should be peanuts compared to a big account. But for an account like mine of total $3000, trading at mostly 0.1 mini lots… I am not sure…

Further more my IBFX account which is running Don Steintz seems to not been running well and some digging further into this EA, many revealing information has surface with regards to Don Steintz’s EA…

Anyway… while FAPTurbo has been very profitable on my Alpari account, my other account seems to be in the reds… So does this justify me commiting another $18 bucks per month?

So far I am up $300 on my alpari account this month… but in total together with all my other broker, I am only up $180. Thus, at the time of writing I am committing 10% of my profits just to ensure that I will be getting what…. erm… maybe 5 bucks per day… or less.

Don’t know… So until I can make some sense out of all this in terms of dollars and cents and reorganize myself again especially with Don Steitz’s EA, I will put my VPS search on my KIV tray…

Serious as I maybe in making money, I guess I have to be practically no??

3 Quiet Days…

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Yes, it has been three days and not many trades on done on FAPTurbo…

2 days were due to connection problem, and yestesday or this morning was due to high spread. One thing good about FAPTurbo is that, if the spread/volatility is too high, no trades would be executed even if the signal was present.

Good huh… while it is very disappointing to not make money for the past few days, I don’t think that I will lose any sleep over this. I trading peanut lots anyway….

The past few days got me going to do more search about VPS…. Did a lot of search and read a lot of blogs. One blog that came up about VPS was this… . I started reading his guide, ‘VPS Guide to MT4 ‘ I must say it was pretty interesting.

It got me interested and to seriously thing about VPS. His site is cool and just like me, he too is searching for the best workable and profitable EA around. Because of that, I have added him into my blog roll.

Anyhoo…. I’m still seriously thinking about it. Putting my live account on VPS and all demo account on my normal internet connection.

Don Steinitz once wrote to all this custormers, ‘If you are seriously thinking about making money from forex, then you must consider the use of VPS (Virtual Private Server)’… Or probably something to that effect.

Now I dismissed that because I though hey… he is trying to upsell another product. But after my last few days of internet blunder… I believe what he meant by that.

Yes, I am serious in wanting to make money with FAPTurbo and whatever interesting EA that would seem profitable so I guess I have to seriously think about VPS.

All Set for 2009

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Yes, it maybe a bit late. But I guess it’s better late than never. I am all set for the rest of 2009. That is with regards to my forex escapade.

I have already improve my blog theme to accommodate both a download page and a performance page.

Looking back at 2008 and last month Jan 2009. My forex performances with EA has not been too good. But since I have been having a lot of confidences with FAPTurbo. This month has been pretty interesting in terms of depositing more capital into my broker account.

I have redeposited $450 into my FXDD account. Since FXDD does allow deposit by Paypal, it would be interesting to see it grow and then hope to have a monthly withdrawal into my Paypal account. As you can see, I am not doing to bad…

I also deposited $30 into my MasterForex account. I had some Liberty Reserve in my account, and I thought ‘Hey! Rather than letting it sit there, might as well reopen my micro account with MasterForex ‘ And with that I did. But my initial motivation was that MasterForex does allow scalping. And since FAPTurbo is all about scalping, why not try and see how it is performing. Again, so far so good…

As for my IBFX account, Don Steinitz MTF Forex Robot Trader is doing pretty shitty for me at the moment. From 2000 to 1600 in 2008. So I told myself, f%$^ it. I am going to see if Alpari can make more money for me with FAPTurbo.

With that in mind, I have withdrawn $900 from IBFX and moved it to my Alpari account. And what a surprise I got. I am not too sure what kind of promotion Alpari is giving, but they added another 10% to my deposit from IBFX. In that instances, I actually made and extra $50 bucks after deduction bank wire (in/out) fee, not bad huh.

*Update: Just visited Alpari’s site. New layout and all… Apparently they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. So that explain the 10% credit bonus… after reading the fine print, the condition is that one need to have a 100 standard lot turnover within the month of March 09 in order to enjoy or withdraw the credit bonus. I guess it would be difficult for me to achieve that with my current turnover. Geess… this is just like Casino Credit Bonus… Sighhh… Oh well, let see if they withdraw this credit by the end of March 09.

Having said that, I also just recently increased my trading lot with Alpari, from 0.02 to 0.1. So at this point in writing, it is not exactly doing to well for me. I have one floating lot which I would expect it to close very very soon at a lost. But let’s see how it will fair come the end of this month.

With all of this in place, lets see how I perform. My target is to firstly recoup my lost capital in 2008.