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Forex Martingale Showcase II – King Martin Scalper

Now here is an idea which I believe never occurred to anyone. Ok… maybe it has but I don’t think it was never really realized until I stumble upon it.

It’s call the King Scalper but I renamed it King Martin Scalper. For the reason that this particular ‘scalper’ application is very very different from your normal EA. It not only scalp like 15 pips per trade, but it utilizes martingale.

This strategy is so simple that I just went like ‘Wow!!’

This is how this EA works. It ‘bet’ on one currency pair and if it losses it double up the lot. Plan and simple martingale. It’s a ‘scalper’ because it only takes 15 pips. However, this is not your ordinary scalper because the stop loss is also 15 pips. The idea is that… see if I win the first trade.

So if on the first ‘bet’, the trade losses. It takes on another ‘bet’ doubling the size. etc etc. When it hits it’s profit target. It starts all over again. And at every successful Martingale round, I win 15 pips.

Is this forex casino or what… :) (I am going to trademark this name)

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Organizing My Demo

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I started a new page title Demo Account and changed my Performance page title to Live Account.

This I hope would keep me more organize and more focus on testing some new and exotic EAs. Last month if it was ever a lesson learned is to keep things easy, focus and consistent. I am not sure if this will achieve it, but one things for sure. I can monitor it and keep myself accountable for all testing records that I put on my blog.

This I hope also will keep me from being too impulsive and start putting onto my Live account without clear reason to do so. Just because one EA starts to show good profit for a week does not mean that it should be straight away profitable when it is live.

Another thing is also to ensure the settings I am using on the demo will also be consistent when I put it live. Tweak only on demo and once I am satisfied, I will confirm the settings.

Pheww… I think I got everything settled for the time month.Well, except for FXOpen. I am still trying to confirm what EA I should put it in to test.

When I open an account with FXOpen, it was meant to reflect Alpari UK because of the fix spread. Just wanted to see if FXOpen can produce a better result. But…. unfortunately, I had to be dumb enough to opt for a standard account instead of a micro account which put a wrench into my plans for FXOpen this month.

So I shall take it easy with FXOpen… Sort out one thing at a time.

Again… hoping this will pan out well this month.