Lovely Megan

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If ever I were to use my analogy on the art of kungfu accurately then I would say this would be the best example that clearly showed what my gambler friend was saying…

Learn, observe and kick the bag… if it failed then I should relearn, observe and kick the bag again with a different style…

I have taken Cyborg EA tested it live, got slapped in the face, took BestSniperForex EA tested it live, got kicked in the nuts, relearned everything about martingale, mutate it a bit and applied it differently from a different perspective and this is what I got… A mutated Cyborg version which I have renamed it Lovely Megan.

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I to the B… to the NFA

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I guess the NFA has really gotten to IBFX’s skin…

Last week I got a mail from IBFX saying that they are compiling with NFA’s rulling and will be only offering a maximum leverage of 1:100 come 29 November 2009. My first reaction was ‘$hit!!! Gawd Dang!!’ I was just about to request a change in leverage on my IBFX account and IBFX had to do this $hit to me…

The hedging thing was a minor issue for me. As long as I only trade one side per currency I would be fine…. I wasn’t hedging with my Cyborg on IBFX so it was fine.

However… I am using martingale on this account. And leverage is a key to the success of my many days of backtesting… I wasn’t going to sit on this and not say a word!

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Conquering Cyborg ~ Finally

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It has been slow and difficult. Not difficult in the sense that backtesting was hard work. Difficult in the sense that I was really dragging my feet. Getting back to the momentum after about a month of non activeness is really difficult.

The law of momentum really applies here…

I have been dragging my feet last week, even with a renewed enthusiasm, I still could not get myself to really focus on my conquest on Cyborg.

The mind was strong but the body was weak… sighh… Nevertheless, I hope with these new found results. I might be able to meet my objectives.

I have over the past been backtesting Cyborg with a new idea. It may not be new to most of you but it was new to me. I previously did not reveal this idea because I wanted to ‘blackmail’ the cyborg developer… :)

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Bling Bling Bonanza

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LONDON - DECEMBER 05:  Christie's employee Bec...
Let’s have a look shall we?

Getting back into the momentum is difficult… As I was taking my break, I only left two EA running. Forex Bling and also Cyborg EA… while I am still running some backtest on Cyborg, I thought it would be nice to update my escapade with Forex Bling.

I must say the Forex Bling creator has put a lot of hard work into developing these package. I mean take a look at the afford they put into ensuring that their EA works on all broker… whether live or demo… they wanted to show or rather prove that their EA work on all broker.

But I guess the most important thing is not the results that they are getting… what better way to verify their results than posting my own results right??

So here goes…

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Martingale Mania X ~ Dumping Megan

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Well… not exactly dumping her… It is no secret that I just love Megan Fox… beautiful, sexy and elegant. And like any beautiful women… they are also dangerous. That is how I equate Martingale system to.

Treat them right and they will show you what heaven is… treat them wrong and you get $hit for it…

Over the past installments of my Martingale Mania series… It was a lesson or rather journey to my understanding¬† about what Martingale system was all about and most importantly how to handle a strategy like this…

So before I started to dive into my second phase of backtesting with Best Forex Sniper… I put more thought into what I have learn and what I was going to go through…

Imagine… I was testing going to test these 6 currency pair, each would take 12 hours per year… of course I was just¬† stumped.

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Martingale Mania VIII ~ Cyborg

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Initially I was thinking about posting my August month end performances. But seeing how I screwed up big time with Best Forex Sniper in the first two weeks… I decided to defer this to probably the end of this month.

While Best Forex Sniper slaughtered me… due to my ignorance to using the Martingale strategy… I manage to come off with lessons from these losses. And that losses was translated into my Martingale Mania series.

It’s funny that my most feared strategy became my most intriguing strategy to me. I initially encounter with Martingale on my live account was Cyborg. I knew it was a gamble and I knew it was too good to be true from Cyborg’s page… so with a small account of over $400 bucks… I gamble it on Cyborg…

And I must say by far… this is my best performing EA… mind you I am still using the initial version of Cyborg and the initial settings. Why toyed with it when it is not broken? Ok… I did toy with Cyborg once… A Quick Wank is a NO-NO!

Exciting as it was. That toy was a gamble… after that episode… I just left Cyborg as it is.

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Martingale Mania I ~ The Beginning

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Well… since I have time on my hand because I have kinda stop trading… I thought I would put down my thoughts about Martingale. While I do mentioned a lot base on my experience with Best Forex Sniper, I believe this should apply to any Martingale system.

Since toying around with Martingale system, I always thought that Martingale was the name of the person who well… founded the Martingale system. But after doing some research… it seems that no one knows how did the name Martingale came about.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - JUNE 11: Actress Megan Fo...
Hot as ever…

Even in Wikipedia, there are two articles on Martingale which were relevant… Martingale (probability theory) and Martingale (betting strategy) never actually mentioned a person call Martingale who founded this Martingale theory.

I guess Martingale is left to our own imagination of who or what this word represent… :) For me… it’s Megan…

Anyway… for forex. The first time I encounter a Martingale system is with Forex Funnel. I never actually toyed around with it because I knew the danger of it. I was very afraid of how it will kill off once account balance.

It was until I got my hands on Cyborg did I started to venture into Martingale system for forex. Seeing how silly scalping can be at times… I thought maybe Martingale could work in forex… I wrote a piece a long time ago ‘Martingale Strategy‘ and still think that it would work because of price retracing back/ Fibonacci Retraction principles.
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Keeping A Secret

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Ok… I have to admit. I lied in my previous post with regards to cooling off and about reseting and rebooting my automatic trading activities. Kinda screwed up what I plan for August…

But there is a reason for it…. Well, last month I kept a secret from you all. I was secretly testing an EA. Have a look at this…

IBFXJuly09aSorry… I did not insert my statement here…

This graph was from my IBFX account which I had set aside for Fedora FX due to hedging issues, I needed to create another account so that it does not messed with my main account which was using Cyborg.

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Perfomances As Of End July 09

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So… what else can I say… I have still not successfully claimed my place in the automatic forex world. It is sad… really sad. But I can not give up.

After my ranting a few days ago. This is my forex position at the end of July 09


What was filled with hope ended with dismay… Four months of continuous lost. Not good… not good at all…

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Reverse Scalping

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Arghh… it has been a difficult week. Volatility in the market is really messing my robots up. I do not think it is only Cyborg, NN Master, Boomerang, Blaster…. any EA that trades EURUSD would probably have gotten canned as well… ¬† $hit! This is taking me back 2 months from my objective.

I thought I made some stride last month… Sighh….. Slapped silly by the market…

Anyway… sorry for ranting. I just had too… This is really killing me to no end. But that is not the reason for this posts.

Last night as I was browsing through the forums just to see what was happening. I stumble upon this thread with regards to the topic ‘Why do Traders Lose?

I was losing badly in the markets and I wanted to find out if I was doing anything wrong… I was seeking solace, and started reading this thread with interests. Here is what I wanted to highlight….

“Let your profits run and cut your losses short”

“The first loss is always the smallest”

“Plan your trade and trade your plan”

“Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered”

“The trend is your friend”

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