In Support Of the Innocent

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It has come to a point where I start to continue to think what is right and wrong. When I wrote my post on Scam, Sham and All that is Bullshit! I realize that apart from my bottom line, one must make a stand when it comes to this industry.

Yes, I have been guilty of downloading some EAs for free, cracking the codes and freely using it like there is no tomorrow… while I also have been a good boy and buying a few EA myself. Most of them were $hite…

So… I would like to use this site as a vehicle to promote those that are innocent… Well… more like promote those that I currently used LIVE on my account.

This is in support of those that are ‘innocent’ and has a good nature of probably improving their proprietary EA that these EA authors developed.

On one hand, I know a lot of people do not want to spend money not knowing if a product is good or not. That’s the reason why it can be easily gotten for free over the internet, if one were to search hard for it.

On the other hand, this leaves the real proprietary EA author in a dilemma. It might or might not hinder them from developing or improving their EA.

The argument is that, if it’s so profitable, then why don’t they use the EA themselves? The reply would be, if they don’t share it OR sell it, how would people like you and me, who does not or might not have the time to learn MQL language and build our own EA or even get a chance to participate in the worlds biggest market…

Because of the need to bring innovation out to the market, scammers and bullshiters prey on people/end users like us… to make a quick buck. In this industry where scammers and bullshiters exist… one dares not enter or buy an EA with their own money…. Some would, but most won’t…

So the internet naturally regulate themselves. Review and EA Test sites pop up like mushroom so that consumers don’t get scammed. Sure they will test on their own platform and give them their reviews. But with so many variables like which broker they use and which settings they have changed all the more cause their reviews to probably be bias.

So what could beat all this? To ensure that one is getting the right product that works for oneself. We need to test it OURSELVES…

When we test it we can be sure that it is good and profitable. Only then we purchase it.

That is the reason why some do offer a demo EA. But with the decompiler software… that makes it tricky. So no more demo version.

One might suggest to open a demo account and past the information to the EA seller to prove it to you. But that takes a lot of the sellers resources to prove it… Like in Enterra’s case, they probably used their own desktop or VPS, set up an MT4 platform and then test it out over a period of time. They only gave me 2 weeks. And that does not guarantee a sales.

Is that enough? No… it’s not… 2 weeks shows you $hit. If my Alfafah forex experiences was ever an example, two weeks without even backtesting it might prove deadly.

So how?

Again…. we need to backtest it, demo test it and then probably live test it OURSELVES. If it’s good, then buy the original.

Now… I am going to be a partly hypocritical here, of all the three EA, only FAPTurbo was legally bought by me. Cyborg EA was cracked and Xtreme was forwarded to me…

Yes… money is a bit tight for me. And as you can see… my bottom line has been messed up countless times. That’s the price I pay…

Having said that… Whatever my reason could be, I am going to make it up to these sellers and also to the potential buyers… You can download it from my library… back test it, forward test it and put it live… And if you are profitable, then I encourage you to buy the original…

For the EA that I used, I will give back what they call a rebate… or I will package it in such a way that you get maximum value for your purchase. I will need to figure out how to package it first. But it will be done…

My principles here needs to be fine tuned. So that everyone can be profitable…

Should I share Or Should I not?

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Remembering a song by legend The Clash ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’, I was wondering if I should Share or Should I not?

Should I share what I found on the internet with regards to Forex EA (Cracked EAs ) on my site or should I just keep it to myself.

I am in kind of a moral dilemma here.

Sharing seems to be the keyword these days. I mean hey… everyone seems to be sharing everything. Movies, Dramas, Songs, and what not… you can think of under the internet umbrella, which is pretty wide.

If I don’t share I am or may not seem to be part of the internet world.

But if I do share, I may have downgrade myself to…. scum… thief… hijacker… and everything you can think of that is bad…

Anyhow, I have created a poll to see if I should share my findings (cracked EA) or NOT…

Majority rules!!!

Forex AutoCash Robot

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Ok… this is an interesting EA.

The author John Burroughs sold a limited number of this EA. Backtesting was interesting but forward testing was pretty shall I say bad…

Here are some of the pointers.

  • Trades once a day.
  • Stop loss is huge!
  • Profit is small.

Even it’s other bonus EA on GBPUSD took only one trade a week (Every Wednesday). The failure of this EA is in the drawdown or the stoploss. While it allows you to reduce the stop loss amount, after backtesting it with different Stop level. I can say, it proves unprofitable.

I don’t know… It took me 3 huge stop loss to call it quits on this EA.

Well he made his money already with selling 500 of his EA to everyone. Hmmm….. 500*99. Wow!! $49,500.

Selling EA is good money huh…

Oh well… it’s crack version is all over the internet if one were to be diligent enough to search for it… :)

Won’t do you any good though… It did not do any good to me.

Cracked EAs

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My lord!!

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days…

I found sites where they ‘share’ their EA or cracked EA online. Yes, Forex EA are crackable, don’t care what they say or try but most of the good EA are cracked and have been distributed around.

While I do not condone this… It must be said, most EA you find out there are not exactly workable or even profitable. So there is no point in downloading it.

Having said that, I am guilty of downloading some of the EA which I did not purchased. The ‘curiousity’ got to me. I am just being human… But am really contemplating on whether I should post it on my site…. hmmm…. Well, let me put more thought into this…

I also notice that there is a cracked FAP Turbo available on the internet. It was interesting to look into the source code. Unfortunately, I am not programming savvy to understand what this is all about, but one things for sure the ID is still required.

So unless you are pretty good at identifing how to work around it. It is pretty useless even if you download it.

On top of that, most of the cracked EA online are out dated. Most if not all the EA author does update their EA in order to keep their EA current and hopefully provided an improved version.

Take EA Shark for example. When they upgraded it to EA Shark Build 4.0. It was terrible…. it did not take any trade for me for quite some time during the ‘volitile’ period as the author written to me.

While his EA proved to be very interesting backtested wise. The forward result does not seem to be very interesting…

Having said that, one of the things I need to do is to retest my old EA version both back testing and forward test it in a demo account.

Any hooo….. an improvment to the EA or rather an upgrade to the EA does not necessarily prove profitable as I have experiences with EA Shark. But that does not mean that the other EA upgrade would be the same *fingers crossed* ie FAP Turbo…