Holy Balony Batman!

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Batman with his sidekick Robin. Painting by Al...

Huh… my muse ran dry today and I could not come up with a good script for part 2 of my guacamoly EA. Have to get straight to the point on this one…

I was just so amazed at what I found that I just could not think of a script to write… 😛

Anyway… first time was fun… second time was kind of hard work so not fun anymore. But… you guys don’t want to read about all this blah blah by Batman and Robin…

You guys/gals want to know what EA I am going to expose right here… right now. Correct?!

Ok… even if I am wrong… I am going to start with Robin’s gay story which never kicked off from the previous ‘episode’

About two weeks ago, I got this email from a site, very similar to mine. When I say similar I don’t mean in terms of contents but in terms of domain name.

My Domain name is BestForexEA.com where else, his/her domain name is BestEAForex.com (should I give him/her a link here?)

Well, this guy/gal… I would probably guess that it is a guy coz 99% of the time only guys will think of something like that… (If I am wrong, I guess you can sue me for gender discrimination… )

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The Caspian Sea (Update)

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Thanks Daniel for the link…. Now I remember where I had seen that EA before… I did not manage to open it up because it was hidden nicely in my PipTurbo folder…

Anyway… took sometime to visit the site again…Yeah… his site is pretty interesting… On top of that he is giving out his EA for free… how cool is that… http://volatily-scalp.blogspot.com/

Hmmm… I wonder why I did not pursue his EA further the first time round… I smell a tiny project to do… :)

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The Caspian Sea

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A few weeks ago, someone asked me about Caspian EA. He told me that this EA looks to have potential… but the site was in Persian or Arabic and could not seem to understand what the site offers.

I took a deeper look at this EA just a few days ago… manage to get my hands on the EA and had a look at it…

I did a backtest on it and the result was very similar to the one of FAPTurbo and DragonPips on EURCHF

I was pretty impressive but I am also very curious… Currency pair characteristics or another clone?

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