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My lord!!

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days…

I found sites where they ‘share’ their EA or cracked EA online. Yes, Forex EA are crackable, don’t care what they say or try but most of the good EA are cracked and have been distributed around.

While I do not condone this… It must be said, most EA you find out there are not exactly workable or even profitable. So there is no point in downloading it.

Having said that, I am guilty of downloading some of the EA which I did not purchased. The ‘curiousity’ got to me. I am just being human… But am really contemplating on whether I should post it on my site…. hmmm…. Well, let me put more thought into this…

I also notice that there is a cracked FAP Turbo available on the internet. It was interesting to look into the source code. Unfortunately, I am not programming savvy to understand what this is all about, but one things for sure the ID is still required.

So unless you are pretty good at identifing how to work around it. It is pretty useless even if you download it.

On top of that, most of the cracked EA online are out dated. Most if not all the EA author does update their EA in order to keep their EA current and hopefully provided an improved version.

Take EA Shark for example. When they upgraded it to EA Shark Build 4.0. It was terrible…. it did not take any trade for me for quite some time during the ‘volitile’ period as the author written to me.

While his EA proved to be very interesting backtested wise. The forward result does not seem to be very interesting…

Having said that, one of the things I need to do is to retest my old EA version both back testing and forward test it in a demo account.

Any hooo….. an improvment to the EA or rather an upgrade to the EA does not necessarily prove profitable as I have experiences with EA Shark. But that does not mean that the other EA upgrade would be the same *fingers crossed* ie FAP Turbo…

What I owe..

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After sometime, I finally sat down and started to rework on my blog again… I owe Stella Lee my answer. She is my first commenter on this blog… :)

Sorry stella for the late reply…

Anyway this is what she wrote on one of my entry weeeeekksss ago… Forex EA the New Dawn of HYIP

I am very interested to know the forex EA that has been earning you 1% daily and sometimes more. Please tell me which EA is this and their link. Have you tested Silicon Forex or Trading Profit Booster? If so, how was the results?
Please tell me which EA you have tested and which ones are not good and which ones are good and which ones are the ones you would recommend. Please send me the info ASAP. Thanks.


Honestly… I am still trying to find that EA that is earning me 1% daily. Initially I thought I had it, but my tweaking and testing costed me to lose that. So I am very embarass to say that I can not share with anyone the found secret of making money with Forex EA.

There are plenty of forex EA around. And all of them profess that their EA are earning them loads of money. But most of their result are backtested results.

No I have not tested Silicon Forex or Profit Booster. I have tested others which I will surely put on my blog entry.

Until then… I will slowly look and refine my other EA which I am currently using. Hope to update my blog one day at a time… Just like forex small pips at a time…