Monthly Update ~ June 2010

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June has been kind to me. Probably because I am happy that my Alpari account is catching up. Without further ado… I present to you my update as of June 2010

It ain’t impressive but a positive month end closing is a step forward.

I thought this time round I will let the result speaks for itself… using my Trade Analyzer, I thought it would be nice to see how each EA that I have placed on my live account fair.

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God Bless Megan

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Hallelujah!!! The Lord has answered my prayer!!

I asked the all Mighty if and whether my Lovely Megan can be improved and my prayers came with a Blessing.

Check this out…
(Click on graph for detail statement)

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Martingale Mania IV ~ The EAs

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There are basically 3 martingale strategy that are somewhat similar but different in application. As it has it, people have been saying that is clone of Blessing EA which is a free EA.

As I dive deeper into these EA, I discover another EA which was apparently build on Blessing EA too named Masyuk EA.

Blessing EA ~ Forex TSD Forum

Best Forex Sniper ~

Masyuk EA ~ FXOpen Forum

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Squash Like An Ant

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What was suppose to be like Muhammad Ali to ‘Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee’ ended up to be ‘Fly like a boomerang and sink like a ship’

What was suppose to be my conquest to rule the world with Ms Martingale ended up to be a $hit in the toilet…

What was suppose to be the ‘best forex ea’ is nothing more than the ‘best folie ever’

I guess I don’t have to explain no??

The secret EA that I was talking about is nothing more than a sham…Yes, I sham you all on this blog… there was no secret EA… Just a dumb a$$ toying around with Ms Martingale and got a good pu$$y whipping….

I thought I could handle her… I thought I could manage the situation. I have already thought of all situations and thought of how I would work on it to ensure that I don’t fu(k up with this strategy…

But alas… Martingale was just too much for me to handle.

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