I Have a Dream!!

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Forex Martingale Showcase V – Martin Locker King

I have a dream that one day we can see profits in our account utilizing the best technology in the forex industry that is the forex expert adviser and live happily ever after…

Siggh… how I wish it was that simple. And like the struggle of Martin Luther King, IT AIN’T GONNA BE EASY, as I continue to search for the best ea and profit from it…

Coming back to showcasing this other Martingale EA…

This EA came from the same developer as FX Pitbull. As the same story goes, the developer was kind enough to issue a free copy of this EA to me. And as the same story goes again, I have tested it but never got around to post anything about it until today.

I’m going to go straight to the point…. This EA is damn expensive compared to Pitbull… $399 vs $199 and this EA only trades ONE currency pair vs Pitbull ALL currency pair.

Took a quick look at the codes and I believe that the algorithm between both MLK and Pitbull are somewhat similar… but it seems the both the characteristic of the trades differs between both these EA.

While I do not understand the logic behind this… I thought it would be interesting to do some analysis.

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Forex Casino

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Forex Martingale Showcase II – King Martin Scalper

Now here is an idea which I believe never occurred to anyone. Ok… maybe it has but I don’t think it was never really realized until I stumble upon it.

It’s call the King Scalper but I renamed it King Martin Scalper. For the reason that this particular ‘scalper’ application is very very different from your normal EA. It not only scalp like 15 pips per trade, but it utilizes martingale.

This strategy is so simple that I just went like ‘Wow!!’

This is how this EA works. It ‘bet’ on one currency pair and if it losses it double up the lot. Plan and simple martingale. It’s a ‘scalper’ because it only takes 15 pips. However, this is not your ordinary scalper because the stop loss is also 15 pips. The idea is that… see if I win the first trade.

So if on the first ‘bet’, the trade losses. It takes on another ‘bet’ doubling the size. etc etc. When it hits it’s profit target. It starts all over again. And at every successful Martingale round, I win 15 pips.

Is this forex casino or what… :) (I am going to trademark this name)

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How Lucky Can I Be?

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Forex Martingale Showcase I – Lucky Candle

Since my demo page is up and running… I thought I will start with showcasing the first martingale EA that I am fooling around with.

Lucky Candle… How lucky can I get when I saw his statement…

(This is a screenshot for my record. Just in case the owner wants to delete it. Click on the image to take you to his myfxbook statements)

Would it be a surprise if I told you I have this EA?

But… I did not mess around with it because at that time scalping EA was still hot and Martingale EA… Well… it was not as hot for obvious reasons. But recently… the ‘market force’ seems to geared towards this hot mama only because everyone is fed up of scalping EA. It’s not because of the straight linear graph which everyone seems to say it’s too good to be true or the account is going to blow one of these days.

Scalping and Martingale is no different… same concept of small profits over time but large losses when it really hits it.

Anyway… Market seems to be moving that direction and of course Lovely Megan is so close to my heart. So what the hell… let’s talk Martin.

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