Monthly Update ~ July 10 & Aug 10

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Well… I owe this blog two months of update. So here it goes…

While my FXOpen account continue to hold my Alpari account seems to be doing a see saw on me. That was due to PipMiner. I gave Pipminer another chances to shine on my account and it did… but it also took a big swipe on my account once again.

And with a big swish-swish… I gave back what I took back in January.

On an ever high note… It seems that my monthly dividend is still making me some good return.

Now, let’s take a good detail look at what happened on all my accounts. (01 July 2010 – 31 Aug 2010)

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Monthly Update ~ May 2010

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Ok… Finally got my rebate in to close my month of May 2010.

Well… I still got hit in my Alpari… still my rebate keeps rocking it up.

I guess by now I should say… one should ignore my GoMarket account for the time being. Well.. for reason that I have already clearly mention in my previous post.

So… if I were to only look at my Alpari and FXOpen account. Taking into account only rebate from these account…

It will be as such…

Alpari May 2010

FXOpen May 2010

I must say I was not happy with my Alpari account and corrective action has been taken. So.. .I can only say that every little rebate helps.

Oh…. and of the main contributor to my down side of Forex Bling… which I have taken out of my account. It seems that it does not ‘Bling’ for me any longer. Sigghh… NEXT….

As for my FXOpen account…. My Lovely Megan seems to be making strands. Lovely 10% gain this month. But… I try not to speak too soon. Things could happen. And I hope that all the backtesting results proved that this strategy will hold for as long as it can.

So for the month of May… I am somewhat please. My aim for June will be to see if there is any other strategy I can employ to help recoup or rebuild my ailing Alpari account

Monthly Update ~ April 2010

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Well, it is about time I posted my monthly update for April 2010. I was waiting for my cashback return to finally have a good view of my months trading activity.

It seems that CashBackForex is paying out in the 1st week of every month instead of the last week of the month. Anyway… while on their site they did mention that the payout is not the real time reflection of ones daily trade.

Anyhow… here is my performances for April 2010

First the happy note.

I finally got out of the red on my FXOpen account… :)

While I am still struggling on my Alpari account, as long as my total is still on the upside. It’s all good. However, looking at how my March and April is in the red. I had to take some corrective action.

One of it was to start consolidating my account. This is one of the reason why I took down my live account page. I wanted to display myfxbook account to reflect the changes that I have made.

And I have made some changes. So hopefully the page will be up soon.

As for my GoMarket account. I am still struggling trying to get my equity back on the road. It’s going to be long and hard. So while I am not too happy with April, I am not too sad about it either. This is going to be one long journey. Like my Alpari account.

But hopefully… not too long a journey… :)

Even with my month of April taking a hit. My return is not all that bad because of my rebate. So that rebate kind of save my a$$.  And I am not kidding with regards to the rebate that I am getting.

I am currently drafting a report on this rebate strategy because I believe it is a strategy worth looking deeper into.

I will probably publish my report soon. Still doing some proof reading and checking my spelling… :)

So stay tuned…

The Royal Affair

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While I was cleaning and organizing my accounts… I finally got the time to really take a look at where I left off with Prime vs Kain and my Royal Rumble affair. It’s a bit difficult to see it on my previous live account since I dump all of the EA into one single account.

Nevertheless… the one very important tool which I will start and continue to use it very frequently is my Trade Analyzer by Easy-EA.

Furthermore, my royal rumble does not seem to be rumbling well… Argh… either these EA are pieces of $hit… or it is having one of those days… or the broker is just plain manure…

Screenshot from Royal Rumble

Ugly huh… Anyway, that is not what I wanted to analyze here.

On my first post on Prime vs Kain… I mention that Prime was firing up a few more shots than Kain. By the way… EAKain that I was using was their demo version, which was a copy of MegaDroid in which I renamed it ScalperPro. So after two months… let’s see how both of these two EA fair… Read the rest of this entry »

Martingale Mania IX ~ More Backtesting

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Here is another boring post on backtesting results with Best Forex Sniper… I have found a few more currency pair which needs to be considered…


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Diamonds Are Forever

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Muahaha… just bought a new toy! This EA was just released on Monday…

Well… it has been a while since I have heard of new EA… Or rather it has been a while since I started searching around for new EAs. I guess there are no new hyped up, email spamming EA, insane backtesting profits EA flying around. The last much publicize EA was IVYBot…

Anyway… about a week or two ago, I got an email unexpectedly from an EA developer from Singapore. He was about to launch his new EA package call forex bling. He wrote to me seeking to work with me to launch his new EA… I never really got to it until a week ago when I took a deeper look.

The new EA that was being released was Forex Bling.

What better way to indulge myself with Megan… I mean with my martingale escapade than getting a diamond that goes bling bling. Read the rest of this entry »

Squash Like An Ant

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What was suppose to be like Muhammad Ali to ‘Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee’ ended up to be ‘Fly like a boomerang and sink like a ship’

What was suppose to be my conquest to rule the world with Ms Martingale ended up to be a $hit in the toilet…

What was suppose to be the ‘best forex ea’ is nothing more than the ‘best folie ever’

I guess I don’t have to explain no??

The secret EA that I was talking about is nothing more than a sham…Yes, I sham you all on this blog… there was no secret EA… Just a dumb a$$ toying around with Ms Martingale and got a good pu$$y whipping….

I thought I could handle her… I thought I could manage the situation. I have already thought of all situations and thought of how I would work on it to ensure that I don’t fu(k up with this strategy…

But alas… Martingale was just too much for me to handle.

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Teaser Thursday

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Meet Ms Martingale...

Firstly thank you all very much for writing or rather emailing to me personally to try and dig out information about this secret EA that I am currently testing.

But I am not going to tell…. :) In fact, I am going to give you guys a teaser.

How good is this EA? It is gawd dang good. However, it is not without work. I had to practically monitor it every hour… just to be sure that my drawdown level was healthy…

It was so gawd dang good that I was also caught with my pants down… Martingale is again a dangerous strategy and all efforts are or have to be put in place to ensure that I do not mess up…

Martingale is like a hot red sexy woman… They seduce you with wonderful offerings from heaven.

Once you taste the wonderful fruit from heaven, be sure to take good care of them… if not… You either get slapped, back stabbed, whatever it would take to kick you in the nuts… Never mess with a scornful red hot sexy gal…

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Keeping A Secret

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Ok… I have to admit. I lied in my previous post with regards to cooling off and about reseting and rebooting my automatic trading activities. Kinda screwed up what I plan for August…

But there is a reason for it…. Well, last month I kept a secret from you all. I was secretly testing an EA. Have a look at this…

IBFXJuly09aSorry… I did not insert my statement here…

This graph was from my IBFX account which I had set aside for Fedora FX due to hedging issues, I needed to create another account so that it does not messed with my main account which was using Cyborg.

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Perfomances As Of End July 09

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So… what else can I say… I have still not successfully claimed my place in the automatic forex world. It is sad… really sad. But I can not give up.

After my ranting a few days ago. This is my forex position at the end of July 09


What was filled with hope ended with dismay… Four months of continuous lost. Not good… not good at all…

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