Got My Green Strips

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I have to admit… While I am flattered at being noticed in myfxbook’s blog, I did not expect to be acknowledge or rather be vouched by them.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that after I wrote my previous post, I got my green strips by

My previous post was meant to glorify myself. Wouldn’t you tell people about it if your name or your face was mentioned or captured in a photo?

I mean… It’s like the camera just decided to point the camera at a position in a stadium packed with spectators and voila… my face was caught at the right place and right time. So… I start to blab about it… saying this and that and what not…

One thing that I forgotten was that when one person link directly to a blog posts, it creates a trackback to the posts… The guys caught my comment and subsequently offered to put me in their vouching system.

Again, while flattered… I can not but feel embarrass. It was like I was trying really hard to impress them to give me something that most of the members there earned.

Those who earned their strips are those members who continuously contribute to their community forum. For me, it was just a post here and there and nothing very substantial which would help speed up ones learning curve by listening me.

However… having said that, I feel that over the years I have but gain some experiences and shared with everyone who visited my blog. May it be stupid, funny, angry or even down right unethical.

Whatever it maybe… getting acknowledge by a site which has grown and become so popular is indeed something…

So… YOU PEOPLE BETTER LISTEN TO ME IF YOU WANT TO SPEED UP YOUR LEANING CURVE… Cause I am going to continue blogging about well… anything that makes sense to me in forex.

Mini Compliment…

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Well… today I got a very interesting surprise…

MyFXBook just release a new improvement to their every improving site. They are the best… BEST BEST BEST!!

I just love them…

Anyway… there is a reason for me to compliment myfxbook. You see… When they added a new vouching system guess who they choose to be made an example of…

YES… Yours truly…

This new vouching system as the blog puts it ‘… will help you identify experienced and trusted users and hopefully it will speed up your learning curve by knowing who to listen to :)

Well of all the people they choose… :)

However… this vouching system only works when a person who has already been vouched for vouches for you. So myFXBook starts with vouching for people in the community. Only then can this vouching system starts.

So… if you haven’t been vouch for you can’t vouch for others.

And unfortunately for me… While I maybe an example used in their explaination… I was not vouch for by myfxbook… :(

No green bar… how sad…

But what the hell… these sort of thing is just small thing to boost the pride. I already got my pride boosted with me being the goat… :)

With that… I guess I have just¬† made myself a good example of ‘A fox that could not reach the grapes’… hehe

Damn Lazy

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I have been damn lazy these past few days. Probably unmotivated is the right word. After posting my rebate report, I just could not find any other things to do.

I just sit back, watch my accounts, chill out at home in front of the idiot box watch reruns of House MD and 24. Both great TV series if you ask me.

I just could not be asked about forex. Sighh… the ups and downs of life I guess

I always remember this saying by Warren Buffett. When there is nothing to do, then do nothing. Or something along that line. I believe he was referring to buying stocks. So for me, if there is nothing that comes out of my mind. Then I guess I just sit back and relax.

But after a while, I know I have to get my butt moving again. So to find some leads… I started to re-visit some of my favorite forex forums. That is one and only way to see what is happening in the forex ea world… and one of the few ways I find inspiration.

Well… rest assured. New inspiration was found and action will follow suit.

However, after some rest, it is always difficult to kick start activities in forex. Since my momentum has kind of slowed down, it takes a lot of effort to once again push my momentum forward.

Oh well… if it got to be done, it has got to be done.

I have kind of delayed my monthly report. This is because I am waiting for my rebate. I want to see how it much rebate I am getting for my last month forex activity to re-validate my rebate strategy.

Quiet April

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It has been very quiet from me these past two weeks… As usual, I have been busy with my day job. Deadlines to meet travelling here and there and there and here. And of course adding family time into my time table kind of made me choose to put forex as my last priority.

I am going to say this again and again and again and again…. Thank god for forex robot. On the other hand… because of my lack of focus on my account. My account also choose to lack focus on it’s profits.

Quiet… real quiet both on my blog, on my forex activities and my forex profits :(

Trying to get my forex engine starting again but creativity has been running a bit low. I have been surfing forums and myfxbook to find some inspiration.

But not all is lost. Have been working on a new lead with the remainder of my time these past weeks…

So stay tune… :)

Hope to fill this blog like a man possessed these coming days…

Latency ~ Execution Delay

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I have been reading about this issue for quite sometime now but have never really put much though about it neither have I really taken it as an issue to consider.

It wasn’t until I started thinking more about this rebate strategy and also when I was replying to an email with regards to brokers.

Every traders wants to execute their trades quickly. There are only so many lots to offer at that price. And if everyone wants to trade at a particular price at a point in time, obviously the fastest one would get it. Will one pip make a big differences? Of course it would… I mean hey… every pip is $$$.

I have not study this in detail to really come up with a conclusion.

By logic, latency kills the any edge we have on a market with any automatic forex robot. It is probably this reason why backtesting and also demo trading is not a very clear representation of a good EA strategy. Backtesting itself execute on the closing minute of every tick, while demo trading assumes that the EA will trigger the trade at the price given by the demo server.

It could also be this reason why one EA will perform well with one broker but not with another broker.

When we trade live, our MT4 pings the server of the broker that executes the order, either they act as an intermediary (dealing desk) or they order goes directly onto another server that captures the price. If our MT4 pings the server slower… it would mean that our order will be in que from another order that might be a head of yours.

Does this makes sense?

I am sure it does.

But I still have yet to toy around with ECN type of account where it is said that your order goes directly to the market. I think if I do, then latency issue needs to be address.

Probably one of the reason why I did not bother about latency issues…

So my question would be will this latency issue give me a better edge on my current rebate strategy? Or is it just an issue that should not matter.

I am probably thinking this with all my scalping strategy in mind.

Exchanging Links

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I have been getting some requests to exchange links. While I really do not fancy this sort of link exchange exercise. I thought it would not hurt to accommodate these requests.

So if you have a site and want to exchange links with me, feel free to go to this page here.

I did not really bother with adding categories and all the jazz… but if you want to suggest a category feel free to drop me an email at casey.lim(at) Or if you have already submitted a link and would want to put your link in your suggested categories, send me an email and I will sort it out for you.

By the way, I will only approve your link if… it has something to do with financial, forex, stocks, trading, commodities, webhosting, web design and anything to do with web sites.

Other than that… I guess I will approve it on a case to case basis. No point in simply exchanging links with no real direct or indirect relevance.

Oh… and my blogroll links on my main page is only reserve for those sites that I personally visit and find it interesting.

Daily Dose of Forex

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Here is another interesting site by Jakob they guy who brough you Forex Hacking which is going onto my blogroll. ~ Get Your Daily Dose of Forex News

All forex blog showcase on one site…. and I’m on it… :) I’m number six!! Hehehe… hope I don’t get displaced. But it’s not about getting placed. I keep thinking that it is a forex directory. Hmmm…. now that’s a thought…

If you have an interesting forex blog, drop him a mail so that he can showcase on his site

Haiti Fund Drive ~ Updated 26 February 2010

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As of the 26 February 2010.. . has manage to raise $764 (give and take here and there due to exchange rates)

While I am still very far away from my target… Nevertheless… $764 will go a very long way for these children in Haiti.

I was just trying to see how many loft of bread this amount of money can buy for them. In my country I can get one loaf of bread for roughly around MYR1.50.

With the exchange rate of USD0.2932 to MYR. It’s about US 0.44 cents for a loft of bread.

Which means I manage with the help of all who had helped out on this drive, to give about 1737 loaf of bread.

Thank you… thank you and many more thank you…

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Looking Forward

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Well, I guess it is early but it’s never too late to start thinking of 2010… :)

With the baby on board, my routine has been a bit of a topsy turvy. Trying to balance everything is no joke. On top of all that, the though of my family’s future is carried upon my shoulder to strive and succeed is nevertheless a burden that I have to carry without complains.

I have been toying around with EA long enough to know and understand where I want to take this. To look forward with clear goals and objective is something that I have been thinking about these past few days.

With Christmas and New Year coming plus the NFA ruling which effected one of my EA, I have been thinking about rebuilding my forex ea portfolio and hope to improve my presentation on my site soon.

I have been targeting a few EA which proves to be interesting and will take it on when I get myself more settled.

And with that, I have set my objective for the next year 2010.

Looking ahead…

1) Achieve a modest 5% per month return on my forex ea portfolio. (60% return per annum is considered a great return)
2) Complete my secret projects… (hehe… two secret projects which I hope to reveal it in a few months)
3) Build my forex EA (something which I have wanted to do but have been dragging my butt to do this)
4) Finally, to improve my writing skills.  (My en-grish is not exactly that great)


Privacy and Disclaimer

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I have been reading this blog and this particular post made me think that it is about time I work out my privacy and disclaimer policy.

I never really thought about it as necessary. I mean… I don’t even ready the privacy policy and disclaimer of all the sites that I visited… Ever…

So far, no one has sued my ar$e off for not putting these in place but let’s not make me be the first to let that happen…

So…. here are my privacy and disclaimer policy for your viewing pleasure… It will permanently be at the bottom of my site on every page.

Privacy Policy | Disclaimer