This Be Thy Leprechaun?

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I have never really talk about this in particular EA in great length but I did mention this EA here and there on my blog.

CloveriX EA

I think the developer of this EA is Irish…

Previously when he release this EA… Oh… this EA have been around for a while it’s just that the developer choose to discontinue the sales of this EA during the hype of EA industry….

As I was saying… when he release his EA… His site was decorated in a very greenish sort of theme and the base of it all was a four leave clover. And when I think of four leave clovers I think of Ireland, I think of Guinness, I think of Murphy’s law, I think of Leprechaun, I think of Rainbow….

Anyway… CloveriX is not your kind of sexy EA where everybody talks about it and want a piece of the action. No… this EA is no $lut in the EA world. And certainly not the sort of EA where one can find a huge pot of gold…

Many people knows of it… but somehow or rather they ever talk a lot about it. Go to any forum site and CloveriX thread is just a few pages long. No deep discussion about what this EA is all about. Most people think it’s a myth or scam or nothing more than a two cent EA.

On top of that, the developer seems to keep a low profile so much like a Leprechaun. People heard of it and just dismiss it as a myth. As quickly as it was launched it was quickly taken down.

I think the developer did a good move. Take it down when the hype was at it’s peak and recently putting it back for sale again when the market is pretty matured and settled.

While this is not a huge pot of gold… I believe it is a pot of gold where this could be an EA which you might want to think about having as part of your EA portfolio.

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Prime vs Kain (A year later)

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I don’t know if it’s a coincidences… probably it is…

About a year ago I posted this article Prime vs Kain Of course at that time, it was still ‘too early to say’

Yesterday I just exhibited my Primeval and EAKain (ScalperPro) for the world to see… Ok only 3 months worth of data for the world to see. Could have shown more but I think it was three months ago that I started messing about with my accounts.

So what you see is an apple to apple comparison from the day I switch my account to EUR from USD and put these two ‘heavy weights’ in action

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Leo Trader Pro-fessional Scam?

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A quick post…

Now as time goes by, this forex ea industry begins to regulate themselves. By all their power combine… they Captain Scam Buster comes to save the day.

They don’t need people like me to write about it… These Scam Busters combine their resources to share all the information they can. Obviously leading to a sided conclusion.

Now… it is not for me to say that this new product in the EA world is an out right scam… I will leave it to the readers to form their own conclusion and verify the points made by the contributor to this post here.

Forex Crescendo

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Broker: FXOpen
Deposit: $200,000
EA: Forex Crescendo
Price: $149.00

Suppose to emulate my micro account. Thus this demo $200,000 should represent $2,000 if I were to put it live.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

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After so long… I finally see something in the forex ea industry that I have never or rarely seen.

LIVE STATEMENTS from the developer. And I do not mean live DEMO statement… I mean live REAL statements… Own money to prove to the world sort of statements…

There are a lot of EA being churned out every other month… And I just could not be bothered about new releases because of the bad stigma and revelation that I myself have discovered. And mostly because most of these developers are ‘fly by night’ with little or no prove to show end users like you and me…

So because of all this BS… I kind of spend the rest of my time and focus on achieving my 2010 goal which is to build my own EA.

Having said that… I am still toying around with other peoples EA that makes sense to me.  But… not new ones…

Now let me get to the point here. Forex Crescendo.

Yes… I do not know why and how I stumble upon or even the real question as to why I clicked on the link to this site… But somehow… after visiting their site… this particular EA caught my interest. And the one very simple reason it caught my eyes was…

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Unleasing My Beast

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I have unleash the beast to cause terror in the forex world!!


And it feels goooooodddd……….

After weeks of tweaking and testing my EA. I believe I have achieve a milestone.

While I do not yet consider it complete, it feels good when one has created something that looks as good as this…

100% IN ONE DAY!!! With another 10% positive equity to spare!!

Gawd dang!!!

Is this a fluke?! Well… I hope not. But then again it probably is.

The thing is I believe I have perfected the core principle of the algorithm of this EA. Meaning to say… I have manage to write a program which improves the idea and principle behind my previous failed beta tests.

Did I improved it tremendously? I do not think so… One things for sure. This demo allows me to see if this EA swings as hard as my previous experiences with this EA predecessor.. Crashed & Burned

As always… time will tell.

At least I have started a new chapter in my quests… the next step for me is to start thinking of how to program it in such a way that it will manage and control this beast on a few more currency pair…

2 Fast 2 Fool-ious

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I am proud to say that I have achieve my second new years resolution… which was to build my own EA.

Ok… maybe not from the ground up, I kind of cheated a bit in my quest to achieve this goal. I took another EA, tweaked with it, add some rim, add some nitrous, change the engine to a V8 and add a coat of new paint. Voila!!! A beautiful masterpiece…. which I named it aQuila.

Initially I wanted to name it Megan Fox… but thought I might be sued if this beauty proved hotter than Megan Fox.

Anyway, I also added another ‘computer system’ to monitor this lean mean beautiful machine… This EA works in parallel with aQuila to ensure my account to get fu(ked.

I have been testing the main EA for about 2 months now and tweaking it here and there was not easy…

It all started with a busted account and myfxbook chart below shows my progress.. :)

My first attempt[Note: Deleted the chart below because it is cramping myfxbook, this screenshot will be suffice for my journal record purpose]

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The Bull is Down in the Pits!

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Demo Update

If you haven’t notice yet… My PITBULL demo is in the dumps…

Yes… that is what people would say… Martingale is dangerous. And quite rightly so… if one does not use it carefully.

There are two things I have to say there. One… and the most important point here is that I over trade. I traded 0.1 lot on a $2k account with a leverage of only 1:100. That is how I could yield a high of $3.5k  close to 50% return  over 2 months period.

Secondly, it seems that there is a bug in the codes. The EA seems to only go long rather than both ways.

I spoke to the developer and he says that something is not right because the EA should trade both ways. Looking at his myfxbook statement, he verifies it. So it’s either he forwarded the wrong EA to me which I doubt it…

Or… I might have done something to the EA. I mean… erm… (Putting myself in the corner here)

Ok… these needs to be looked at. Because I have actually put Pitbull in my lovely megan account. And it seems to exhibit the same traits.

However… in my Megan account, I am trading 0.001 (nano) lots on a 1:500 leverage and only trading 3 currency pair as per my backtesting results. While I do not think it will effect much… I still need to get to the bottom of this and restart the demo again…

The Legend Continues…

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Since now I have some free time, I owe Cacus a detail post about his rip-off EA.

I have to admit that I had to take a bit more time to really study this topic. It was a few months ago that I kind of stop these sort of ‘detective’ work. While it was good for my blog it was not so for my live account.

It was one or the other. Talking about scamming EA really boosted my traffic to the site. It was good and exciting to see an instant traffic surge to my site. And of course to keep up with the traffic expectation, I continue to dive into my ‘detective’ work only to find out that the my live account wasn’t as exciting as it should be.

So, I took a decision to stop or maybe cut down on these sort of work and focus on EA that makes sense to me rather than ranting about EA that is full of $hit. I must say… that was a decision I am glad that I made. Too much effort needs to be taken to do some research… and I though I would rather use these effort to improve my account balance.

Anyway… the industry seem to be able to regulate themselves with regards to rip-off EA. So why bother…

However… as a favor to Cacus who supports my site, I though the least I could do is put some effort in finding out the truth in all this.

So here is what I found….

Forex Legend offers two EA one is a scalper while the other is a trend EA.

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Legend has it…

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Phew… it’s been a long while since my last blog. Ok… not all that long about 2 weeks I have been MIA and will be MIA for two more weeks.

I am way way way behind time with my deadline. And I am talking about my day job here. So behind time that the light at the end of the tunnel… hmmm… I don’t think there is any light in the end of the tunnel for me here.

Sighh…. any huuu…. I had to take some time out because I wanted to help an acquaintance of mine. And of course inform my visitors.

It seems that the scammers are back in town…


Ha!! Short and straight to the point.

Unfortunately, I am in a rush and thus could not do a real research on how it is a rip off.

But I have reason to believe the developer of the free EA himself. He was the one who contacted me and ask me to do a post.

And of course, a quick browse here and there kind of confirms this.

I probably will do another write up on this in more detail… but for now… take it from me.

It’s a rip off of Cacus’s free EA which you can download here. (Raw download from the server)

I have to take my leave now and look for my light at the end of my tunnel with regards to my day job. Or else I am going to get fired!

So… just leave this EA alone and don’t part you hard earn money. Because FOREX LEGEND IS FIRED!!