SWVPS Your Forex VPS

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This is one of the cheapest forex VPS around. Loaded with memory, something which is required if you have a lot of MT4 platform running all at once and you want fastest performances out of your MT4

I have two VPS with them. One for my live account and the other for my demo account.

$18 per month and you get 700MB and 250MB bandwidth. It is more than enough to feast your forex demo appetite.

However, if you subscribe to a yearly of $180. They double your memory.

$180 per year to get 1400MB worth of memory that is almost 20 MT4 running simultaneously!

But then again, extra memory means extra fast. Forex is about fast execution. Don’t you think it is worth it?

Price: $18 ~ $59 per month (depending on requirement)

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Bird Watching in Lion Country

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There’s A Reason Why this is the number 1 ebook about Forex Trading!

That is what the title on the home page says. If you are interested to learn more about forex trading this is one of the book that you one should get and read.

Dirk Du Toit is quite popular in some of the main forex forum and goes by the handle DrForex.

This is one of the ebook that formulated some thoughts for me about trading over these past few months.

This is the one of the must READ book in forex trading.

Price: $97

Visit the site here