Hard Reset II

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 21-03-2013

My… how time flies.

It’s been a while since I twiddle in forex EA. However, while I am down, I am not out. Hmmm… I think in my case, I am out but not down. Maybe slightly down.

Just wanted to say that I have been away coz I had to prioritizing my life a bit. Kids, work, home, etc etc etc. All my other escapades even my own hobby had to take a back seat.

Now that I am completed some of my work and have some spare time, thought maybe I catch up with forex EA again.

While I did not turn off my EA, I actually let my EA run since August last year till March this year. So it was actually 7 months away leaving my forex EA to run without much interferences.

If going by some of the marketing gimmick of forex EA, I should be like a gazillion-aire by now. But alas, that didn’t happen to me.

During my time out… I had 5 accounts running live without me monitoring or touching the settings. I just let it run it’s course and see where it takes me.

  1. FXOpen – Lovely Megan
  2. Alpari 1 – Primeval
  3. Alpari 2 – EA Kain
  4. Pepperstone 1 – Scalper Pro
  5. Pepperstone 2 – EAKain & Hyper

I have yet to really updated most of these account on myfxbook to see how I fair. But safe to say I have been hovering around the same level that I was 7 months ago with the exception of Lovely Megan. That account finally died on me and it took like 4 years to do it.

After 7 months away, I think it is again about time I do another hard reset on not only on my account but also my blog site.

I probably need to remove certain features from my site and probably see what else I can continue to share on my blog.

I had a look at my previous post in June 2011 when I hard reset the first time [http://bestforexea.com/2011/06/hard-reset/]… being all philosophical and such in that post which in some case prove to be true when I said that hard work is the way forward.

Leaving my account with only 5% of my attention does not breed success. Anyone who has the though that making money without effort are just plain ignorant.

Anyway, they say trading forex is a journey and you never quite reach your destination until you reached your goal. My goal is still far away… and so I hard reset myself for the second time and continue on.



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